SWOT analysis for the EBP MOOC Module Map Project

SWOT Analysis

ESLTECH 7289 AU2017 (36783): Practicum

Anna R. Leach

The Ohio State University


Project overview:

The practicum project being researched and proposed is to create a roadmap or START HERE spot for one of the modules in the 6-module Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) titled: Foundations of  Evidence-based Practice (EBP) for Healthcare.  The MOOC is hosted by the Ohio State University (OSU) College of Nursing’s Center for Transdisciplinary Evidence-Based Practice (CTEP).  A link to CTEP is provided here: https://ctep-ebp.com/.  Although the course does not offer college credit for completion, the program has run four times and had over 4200 participants from more than 40 countries (RE: Roadmap, 2017).  The modules currently have overview pages that give a brief synopsis of what the module consists of.  The project is to improve the overview by adding tasks, readings, and learning objectives.



Dr. Cindy Zellefrow DNP MSEd RN LSN PHNA-BC

Assistant Director, Center for Transdisciplinary Evidence-based Practice
Assistant Professor of Practice
College of Nursing Center for Transdisciplinary Evidence-based Practice


Dr. Zellefrow and I worked together in the Spring 2017 semester for a course titled: ESETECH 7278 – Applied Instructional Design.  I, with a group of peers, revamped a week of instruction for Zellefrow’s OSU course: Nursing 7194 – Evidence-based Practice for Innovation in Organizations. My primary responsibility was to create a roadmap for the week of instruction.  A roadmap is the place where the student starts in the module.  The roadmap includes a general overview of the module’s instruction, objectives, tasks, reading materials, due dates, and reminder of any impending larger tasks. Zellefrow was our subject matter expert and provided information as needed about the course learning objectives.  Zellefrow also received and implemented the deliverables from the final revamped week of instruction.  Given Zellefrow’s experience with my work and the similar project we completed last spring, she is an excellent client for this practicum proposed project.


Strengths Weaknesses
–          Leach and Zellefrow have worked on projects together before.

–          Leach is a planner and will ensure set deadlines are met or alert parties involved if there is a delay.

–          Leach has strength in data analysis.

–          Zellefrow has a great deal of content knowledge about EBP and the MOOC.

–          The MOOC has high exposure.

–          Leach has recently completed a project that created a roadmap.

–          Remaining on track is critical.  Procrastination and self-doubt must be avoided.

–          Zellefrow is a busy, working professional.  Her time, as well as all involved, should be respected and not wasted.  Meetings will have agendas and preparations will be made to make the discussions efficient.

–          Leach has a surgery and vacation scheduled during the semester.


Opportunities Threats
–          Given the amount of participants in the MOOC, large amounts of data will be gathered via survey.

–          The process will give Leach practice in project planning and course roadmap development.

–          Leach is hopeful that this project will lead to further research on the impact of student engagement with respect to the addition or lack of a roadmap.

–          There is currently very little research on the effect of a roadmap in student engagement.

–          Further investigation on the technological restraints via Cavas need to be done.

–          Further investigation on meeting Americans with Disabilities Act compliance need to be done.



RE: Roadmap [E-mail to the author from Zellefrow]. (2017, August 04).