Milestone #1: Pitching Project

Image Source: AnnaRoseLeach

Project Pitch on recreating a module map for the MOOC – EBP in Healthcare


PowerPoint Slide deck: Leach_Practicum Project Pitch-20dw5mn


This was a very difficult task for me.  I didn’t feel like I had enough evidence to prove the need for or improvement that including a well organized and engaging road map or course week overview would have.  The lack in confidence caused me to spin in circles and go down rabbit holes.  Putting the presentation together was not difficult once I had an outline started, but when I got to the literature review, I stalled.  I spent a lot of time searching article after book after website.  I utilized the PICOT question that Cindy had helped me develop but was not getting the information that I wanted or presumed I needed.  Then, while reading an article on instructor visibility, I had an epiphany.  Perhaps I can look for information on the impact of course layout or perceived instructor presents.  Expanding outside of the small, tunnel vision and really embracing evidence-based practice of inquiry and curiosity, I was finally able to realize what Cindy was explaining with the PICOT question.  She had said during our kick-off meeting that with the question, I needed to take the 30,000 ft view and then narrow it down.  If you still need further information, go back to the 30,000 ft view and look in a different direction.  Once I was satisfied that I had enough information and done enough research that I could at least talk intelligently, I was more confident in the presentation of the project pitch.

It took several recordings to get it just right, and I still had issues with the video.  I used a trial version of Adobe Pro to record the presentation.  I created the script in word and the presentation in PowerPoint.  I used the tips and tricks from previous classes, to search for images to incorporate.  I made sure the images did not have any copyrights and were permissible to use.  It was nice to feel confident in the creation, development, and polishing of the presentation above.