Milestone #2: M.O.U./Project Plan

Image Source: AnnaRoseLeach

Click this link to review the meeting notes:Kick-Off Meeting Minutes

The kick-off meeting was held on September 8, 2017 via Carmen Connect.  I did not look far enough ahead into the practicum process to see that the meeting should have been documented, however, given my professional background, I knew that it was important to take notes during the meeting.  These notes have been saved in a shared BuckeyeBox folder.  Dr. Cindy Zellefrow and I both have access to this folder, so that she could reference any documents needed.  Therefore, when I came to Module 5 of the Practicum, I used the notes within BuckeyeBox to completed this assignment.

Click this link to review the signed MOU: Practicum_MOU_Leach


The process of creating the Memorandum of Understanding document was a little daunting, but not complicated.  It was not complicated because the process of creating a timeline and identifying the deliverables was created early on in the process.  Because of everyone’s limited schedules (my clients, advisor, 2nd reader, and my own), it was important to establish a timeline very early in the process.  Also, based on the advice of my advisor, I was careful to make sure not to sign up for more than was reasonable to accomplish. My client was very clear on her needs and helpful in keeping the scope of the project realistic.  She also gave me a lot of autonomy to work.  I pitched my ideas for the project early on in the semester and she was receptive and fair.  We were both transparent with schedule conflicts and desired outcomes.  This aided in the creation of the deliverable and the timeline associated.

The process was a bit daunting because it is a legal document.  I was very careful to choose the appropriate wording so that I am not in violation of the contract.  I have very little experience with legal contracts and legaleeze.  I was very appreciative of the template because if helped me develop the contract with certainty.  But because of my lack of experience, I was not completely confident in the wording of the agreement.  Fortunately, I am working with a client that was willing and able to read through the description and offered a few minor adjustments.  Her feedback boosted my confidence in the accuracy of the content and language used.