Milestone #3: Interim Deliverables

I chose this image because at this point in the process we will be knitting all the components together to make a final piece.  We may have to make adjustments to needle size or thread or take out a few stitches, but we have a plan and will begin piecing it together.

Image Source: AnnaRoseLeach

Original Module Overview:

To get a better sense of the changes that were implemented, here is an image of the original Module Overview: 

Revised Module Map:

The first round deliverable to the client for approval is the revised module map.

The module map will be shown as images because they are housed within a protected Canvas course website.  The link to the video will be provided below as it is saved in YouTube.

Embedded Video:

Click here to access the introductory video that is embedded into the module map.

The voiceover script is saved within a word document and can be found by clicking here.


To gather data on the impact of the module, I created a survey in Qualtrics.  The survey is short and to the point with a very short introduction.  Snips of the survey page are pasted below.  There will also be a link to a word document that has all of the survey questions and formats.

Original format of the Survey page:

New survey page based on feedback from the client:

Dr. Zellefrow said “take a look at the word choices in a couple of the survey questions, considering our audience includes people from all ages, across professions (including students) and people who don’t speak English.  For literacy sake, consider word choices that are more common language where possible.”  This statement was kept in mind while rewording the survey intro.

Survey Creation

The original survey can be viewed by clicking the link here.  After receiving feedback from Dr. Zellefrow and a peer, Cara North.  I made simple adjustment to the survey.  This includes:

  • Adding the total time to the heading
  • Adjusting the likert scale from Extremely… Not at all, to Strongly Agree…Strongly Disagree.
  • Combine 2 likert scales to one
  • removed the pieces asking if it was Valuable information and asked if it set the tone for the rest of the module.

The new survey can be viewed by clicking the link here.


10/13/2017 – Today I checked on the status of the survey data.  This would help to give me a sense of the number of people that had made it through the new module map.  There was only 1 response.  Out of curiosity, I reviewed the results and was immediately struck by the responses to the matrix (likert scale) responses.  There was only one response per option; meaning, that there was either something wrong with the user ability to respond OR the user was not paying attention to the responses and nonchalantly selected on responses for each question.  I went into the survey, unlocked it, and once again, went through the survey.  When I got to the matrix response, I was able to select only one response per question, meaning that a person could select strongly agree once for any of the 6 questions.  BUMMER!  but I am glad that it was caught early on.  I corrected the issue and republished the exam.  I will have to through out the first data point.


10/17/2017 – Today I checked the status of the survey data again.  This time there were 2 more responses!  I did not explore further.  I realized also, that I will need to start exploring the Canvas data, just to get a better sense of what I will have to work with.