Year in Review

This first semester has been challenging and exciting and nothing like I thought it would be. I came into it with a biology major in mind and I’m leaving with a neuroscience major. I’ve reevaluated my commitment to being pre-med and picked up a minor in Spanish, something that I’ve enjoyed since high school. There were a few wake-up calls like bad test grades and late assignments, but overall I consider this semester an academic success. As finals week approaches, I feel comfortable in my learning and my ability to stick it out in the honors arts and sciences program. I’ve also found some wonderful friends, something I had hoped I would be able to do. They come from different places and hold different beliefs than I do, which makes our friendship all the richer and more interesting. I might not have completely adjusted to living away from home and eating dining hall food every night yet, but I can definitely see a future for myself here–one that I look forward to.


Global Awareness is one of the most indispensable benefits of a college diploma. There are many avenues that can be used to achieve this state of mind, and I hope to maximize them during my time at Ohio State. The most convenient way to educate myself on a global scale is to use my coursework. I have plenty of opportunities to take General Education classes like international studies, African American studies, religious studies, and more specific topics. I also plan to study abroad through one of OSU’s many programs so that I can not only learn but experience cultures that are different from my own. In a more extracurricular sense, I’m gaining global and cultural awareness by joining the Pan-Asian Mental Wellness Association, a group that supports healthy communication about mental health in Asian communities.

Original Inquiry isn’t something that is provided to students at Ohio State; it’s something that we are free to seek out and strengthen through research and coursework. One of the reasons that I chose to attend this college was because of its strong research programs and opportunities. To me, education is about more than going to class, studying at the library, and getting the grade. I seek knowledge beyond what the book or even the professor tells me, so I turn to research to supplement my coursework. I am reaching out to professors and labs, and hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be doing some form of scientific research on campus.

Academic Enrichment will be possible to achieve through major courses, minor courses, and GEs that interest me. I chose a neuroscience major because the workings of the brain interest me as well as the opportunities to meet medical faculty and take challenging courses. I’ve always had a passion for Spanish, and I’m glad that I’ll be able to pursue it in college through a minor. Apart from these, I have plenty of GEs to enjoy like Dance, English, and Economics, three things that interest me but not enough to take a minor in.

Leadership Development is important to me as an ASC honors student because I appreciate how helpful my peer mentors have been and how much they have helped me get through my first semester. I feel lucky that Ohio State offers so many clubs and organizations that can help me develop my leadership skills. Right now I am in the Choose Ohio First scholarship program and from next semester on, I’ll be busing to local elementary schools every week to teach kids about science. As far as leadership on campus goes, I’d really love to become a peer mentor next year. I think I could help freshman students adjust to life at Ohio State and be somebody they could talk to.

Service Engagement comes in many forms on campus, and I’d like to take advantage of a little bit of everything that Ohio State offers. The Choose Ohio First program will be some of my service engagement, and I’ll definitely be participating in Buckeyethon as well. I’d love to explore other volunteering opportunities off campus too, so that I can experience the city a bit more.


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About Me

Hana Le is a freshman at The Ohio State University. She is majoring in neuroscience and minoring in Spanish, and she hopes to explore more sciences and languages through her classes. Her eventual goal is to become a pediatric surgeon because she has enjoyed working with local children throughout her youth and wants to turn that passion into a career. Hana is excited to join clubs and organizations on campus and get involved in volunteering and research. Her hobbies include reading, knitting, dancing, and yoga. Since she grew up in a small town, Hana is thrilled to meet people of different ethnicities, ideologies, and experiences than her own. She wants to learn and grow through the experiences that The Ohio State University can offer her.