Upcoming Webinar to Address Farm Insurance

By:Robert Moore, Friday, December 15th, 2023

Legal Groundwork

Farms are subject to more risks than ever before. Whether it’s the liability exposure of driving equipment on roadways or the potential of property loss due to severe weather, every farm has multiple sources of risk. While farmers can reduce their risk exposure through good business practices and rigorous safety protocols, there is no way to entirely eliminate risks. For this reason, insurance policies that adequately protect against risks are a necessity for farm operations.

All farmers probably know the importance of insurance to protect their livelihood and their farm assets.  However, few farmers take the time to read and understand their insurance policy. The failure to read policies is not a result of apathy but more likely due to the almost unreadable nature of an insurance policy. Reading and understanding an insurance policy is very difficult for anyone other than those in the insurance industry.

The Ohio State University Farm Office in cooperation with the National Agricultural Law Center (NALC) is offering a webinar to help explain farm insurance policies and discuss important provisions to include the policies.  Robert Moore, attorney with OSU’s Agricultural and Resource Law Program, will host the webinar.  He will be joined by Samantha Capaldo and Jeff Lewis.  Samantha is an attorney with NALC and previously worked as an insurance agent.  Jeff is an attorney with OSU’s Farm Tax Program and previously worked in an insurance defense law firm.  Both Samantha and Jeff will provide practical and expert insight on farm insurance policies.  Participants can expect to gain a better understanding of their insurance policies and be better equipped to discuss the needs of their specific farming operation with their insurance agent.

The webcast will be held January 11, 2024, 7:00 – 9:00 EST.  For more information and free registration, visit farmoffice.osu.edu/farminsurance.

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