2023 Midwest Mechanical Weed Control Field Day

On September 27th, Ohio State University in partnership with the Land Connection will be hosting 2023 Midwest Mechanical Weed Control Field Day at the OSU-Wooster Campus. This one-day field day will feature some of the most advanced and precision mechanical weed control equipment in the industry (click link to see a description of all demos) as well as educational presentations and vender displays. The target audience is grain and specialty crop farmers (conventional, non-gmo and organic), consultants, educators and anyone interested from across the US and Canada. The field day rotates each year through Corn Belt states and will likely not be this close again for several years.

This is a pre-registration event (by Sept 24 at 11:59 pm) and costs $50; register here.

The following companies (many European in origin) will be providing demos:

Accura Flow single-sweep cultivator

Buffalo single-sweep cultivator with cut-away discs

Carbon Robotics laser weeder

Einbock camera-guided cultivator

Einbock tine weeder

Garford Robocrop imaging system and camera guided in row weeder

Hatzenbichler tine weeder

Japanese Magic Weeder

Lemken Rubin 12 compact disc harrow

Mashio stone burier

Sutton Ag camera guided cultivator

TH Fabrication ‘Swinging Spider’

Terratek – KULT Duo

Terratek brush hoe

Tilmor 520Y and Power Ox 240

Treffler tined harrow

Troy Acres – rotary hoe

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