“Planning for the Future of Your Farm” Workshops offered by OSU Extension

To kick off 2022, OSU Extension will be offering “Planning for the Future of Your Farm” workshops to help farm families actively plan for the future of their farm business. The workshops are designed to help farm families learn strategies and tools to successfully create a succession and estate plan which can be used as the guide to transfer the farm’s ownership, management, and assets to the next generation. Learn how to have the crucial conversations about the future of your farm.

Topics discussed during this series include: Developing Goals for Estate and Succession; Planning for the Transition of Control; Planning for the Unexpected; Communication and Conflict Management during Farm Transfer; Legal Tools & Strategies; Developing Your Team; Getting Your Affairs in Order; and Selecting an Attorney.  This workshop will be taught by members of the OSU Farm Office Team.

Families can choose to attend the workshop virtually or in-person at regional workshops which will be held across the state. These sessions being offered include:

Virtual “Planning for the Future of Your Farm” Workshop

A virtual version of this workshop will be held on January 31 and February 7, 21 & 28, 2022 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. via Zoom. Because of its virtual nature, you can invite your parents, children, and/or grandchildren (regardless of where they live in Ohio or across the United States) to join you as you develop a plan for the future of your family farm.

Pre-registration is required so that a packet of program materials can be mailed in advance to participating families. Electronic copies of the course materials will also be available to all participants. The registration fee is $75 per farm family.  The registration deadline is January 25, 2022. More information and on-line registration can be obtained at go.osu.edu/farmsuccession

In-Person “Planning for the Future of Your Farm” Workshop

In addition to the webinar series, 3 regional in-person workshops will be held in February and March of 2022. Each of these programs will be held from 9:00 to 4:00 p.m.  The base registration cost for each of these meetings is $85 for 2 attendees, lunch and 1 notebook.  Additional participants can attend for a $20 fee and extra sets of the course material can be purchased for $15.

The locations for each for the meetings are:

February 10, 2022 in Greene County

Location: Greene County Extension Office

100 Fairground Road, Xenia, Ohio

On-line registration can be made at go.osu.edu/greenefarmfuture

More details can be obtained at corboy.3@osu.edu or 937-372-9971


February 25, 2022 in Wayne County

Location: Fisher Auditorium

1680 Madison Avenue, Wooster, Ohio

More details can be obtained at zynda.7@osu.edu or 330-264-8722


March 4, 2022 in Wood County

Location: Wood County Fairgrounds- Junior Fair Building

13800 W Poe Road, Bowling Green, Ohio

More details can be obtained at eckel.21@osu.edu or 419-354-9050

Specific details about each of the workshops can be found at: go.osu.edu/farmsuccession

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