Mycotoxins in corn

From Marion County ANR Educator Tim Barnes
We are learning more about the control of mycotoxins!
What can you do????
-infection occur at silking (fungicide application timing)
-temperature & moisture effect infestation
-plant resistant corn variety
-wheat scab is caused by the same fungus
click below to view four videos to further answer your questions….    
Grain Producers Dealing with Vomitoxins in Corn
by John Barker, Knox County Extension Educator
video – HERE
Management of Gibberella Ear Rot & Vomitoxins in Corn
by Pierce Paul, Ohio State University Corn/Wheat State Specialist
video – HERE
Mycotoxin Testing at the Point of Sale
by Rob Leeds, Delaware County Extension Educator
video – HERE
Livestock Producers Dealing with Vomitoxins
by Jacci Smith, Delaware County Extension Educator
video – HERE

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