“The Fall & Rise of Bald Eagles in Ohio” offered on January 8 at 10 AM


Our first A DAY in the WOODS program for 2021 “The Fall and Rise of Bald Eagles in Ohio” will take place on January 8 at 10 am.  This program will be presented by Brad Perkins, Executive Directory of the Ohio Forestry Association, and Laura Kearns, Wildlife Biologist with ODNR-Division of Wildlife.

Brad is passionate about bald eagles and photography.  He has monitored eagle nests in Ohio for 25 years.  Laura is actively involved in bald eagle surveys and nest census work in Ohio.

Learn about the recovery of this magnificent bird and its current status in Ohio.   Brad and Laura will share stunning photography, current statistics and trends,  tips for observing and identifying eagles, rescue stories, as well as, their personal experiences studying and photographing bald eagles in Ohio.  The program will conclude with a question answer session.

To register for this Zoom Webinar visit: http://go.osu.edu/ditw2021

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