Ohio No-Till Conference (recording)

This conference was held virtually and the video is now available.  See the schedule for the progam and click on the following link to get to the video.

Video recording

9:00     Welcome:
Jan Layman, Hardin County, President, Ohio No-Till Council

9:01     Soil Health and Cover Crops: Effect on Environment

Hans Kok, Program Director, Conservation Technology Information Center

9:47    Sponsors:  Major Sponsors and Supporters  (Randall Reeder)

9:50     Managing Soil for Food and Climate

Rattan Lal, Soil Science OSU Distinguished Professor

10:11   Ohio No-Till Awards (Provided by Walnut Creek Seeds)  (Randall and Jan)

Educator/Researcher Award: Rattan Lal, OSU Distinguished Professor

Business/Industry Awards: Green Field Ag

Outstanding No-Till Farmer: Gary Shick, Hardin County

10:13   Controlling Voles

Jim Hoorman, HoormanSoilHealth.com

10:42  Scholarships: (6 total)   (Randall and Jan)

(2 funded by Bill Richards; one each by Dr. Rafiq Islam and Randall Reeder)

10:45   Nutrient Cycling: Roots capturing micronutrients

Willie Durham, USDA-NRCS, Soil Health Specialist, Texas

11:24  Wrap up.  Randall Reeder and Jan Layman

11:27   END   


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