A new format for 2020: Farm Science Review online September 22nd-24th

This year we will all miss the socialization time at the Farm Science Review and of course this year the weather looks to be perfect.  However, there will be 187 online educational and demonstration sessions for FREE!  Nearly any topic you can think related to agriculture or natural resources will have an online session that you can watch and ask questions.  Yes, this includes anything from combine demonstrations to snake ID, gardening topics, and livestock production.  Click on this link for a 4 minute video about the 2020 FSR.

Go to https://fsr.osu.edu/  to sign up and find more information.  The sign up is simple (and all you have to do is click the box for no emails during the sign up if you are worried about getting on a bunch of email lists).  Once you are registered you can look at the available “Sessions” and “Demonstrations” to create a list of events you are interested in.  This website also has many links to find additional information on many subjects.  Spend a little time looking around and you may be surprised how much you learn.  There is even a Farm Science Review YouTube channel with great videos: FSR YouTube.

Contact me with any questions,


Email: kreager.5@osu.edu

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