Do you have the invasive tree-of-heaven (Ailanthus) growing on your property?

Have you noticed extremely fast growing trees along the edges of woods, in fence rows or even in your landscaping.  If these trees have leaves similar to a walnut tree and might be producing reddish colored winged seeds, somewhat like maples, then it is time to investigate what type of trees they really are.  Ailanthus trees, also known as tree-of-heaven, are seen throughout the county and are an invasive specie that needs to be removed.  Be careful, it is not as easy as just cutting them off at the ground.  Left untreated, the roots from these cut trees are capable of producing dozens of new trees.  The following link is the fact sheet from Ohio State providing information on Ailanthus: Controlling Non-Native Invasive Plants in Ohio Forests_ Ailanthus _ Ohioline

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