Preview of weeds observed in soybean fields in Licking County.

Here is a sneak preview of data that will be published in an article in January’s Country Journal.  Each year Extension professionals travel around the county, before soybean harvest, to see which weeds survived the spray programs in those fields.  Below is a list of the most common weeds observed throughout the state and also the ranking of those weeds in Licking County.  We were better than the state average for the percentage of weed free fields.  Most weeds in Licking ranked similar to the statewide rankings except we had more “common ragweed” present and fortunately we have not been infested with waterhemp yet.


Weed                  Ohio rank         % of fields         Rank in Licking County

Giant Ragweed           1                      34                                2

Marestail                     2                      30                                4

Weed free                   3                      30                                1

Volunteer corn            4                      17                                5

Grass/ Giant foxtail     5                      15                                7

Waterhemp                 6                      10                                None observed

Velvet leaf                   7                       9                                 8

Common ragweed      8                       8                                 3

Lambsquarters            9                       6                                 10

Redroot pigweed        10                     5                                 9


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