Welcome to the First Year Leadership Collaborative (LC) 2014 leadership blog!  This is a place for members of the 2014 LC to post about how the LC impacted their first-year at Ohio State.  For more information about the LC, go to http://fye.osu.edu/LC.html or email leadership.collaborative@osu.edu.

Why blog about the Leadership Collaborative?

The First Year Leadership Collaborative (LC) is a 4-day leadership conference for new Ohio State students. Started in 2005, the conference is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary of developing future student leaders of Ohio State before they step foot on campus for their first day of school. Participants learn about diversity, strengths, balance, values, and the importance all of these play in their lives as college students. Most importantly, participants (or LCers, as we refer to them) leave the LC ready to enhance the leadership potential in their peers. The posts in this blog will reflect what the 2014 LCers learned about leadership and how they are applying the skills they gained to be positive peer leaders among their fellow first-year students.

Why have we chosen a blog format to share these stories? Below are some of the reasons we chose this medium to tell the stories of the 2014 LC.

1) Blogging is public.

We want our LCers to be able to share their experiences with the world! There are many people who care about how the LCers are using what they learned at the LC: their parents, the LC facilitators, previous and future LCers, and the members of the campus and Ohio State community who interact with this program each year. This format allows all of these people to see what power this program has.

2) The LC is more than a 4-day conference.

Yes, the LC program consists primarily of a 4-day conference in the summer. However, LCers will tell you that the week was more special because of how it impacted them in their first year at Ohio State and beyond. The blog will allow LCers to share how the conference has impacted them since they have left the LC.

3) Mentoring matters.

Finding a mentor is tremendously beneficial for first-year college students. The staff, faculty, and students who serve as facilitators were selected because of their capacity to be excellent mentors for the LCers. Following a blog allows these mentoring relationships to develop beyond the LC by giving facilitators access to some of the experiences of the students they served for that week.

4) The power of reflection.

Reflection is an art which allows us to recall and revisit important lessons we are taught. This blog will serve as a reflection for our LCers, allowing them to reflect on how the lessons learned at the LC are impacting their college experience. This will allow them to keep those valuable lessons fresh.

5) Blogging is creative.

Sure, we could have just asked these students to submit papers about their experience at the LC. However, technology allows us so much more creativity in how we tell our stories. Writing is terrific, but some stories may be best told through videos, pictures, gifs, memes, or some combination of all of these. We don’t want to limit how the LCers tell their stories because we believe this will allow their stories to be told in a more authentic, genuine way.

Enjoy the blogs of our LCers and the terrific stories they have to tell!