Lawrence County 4-H News, Fall 2022


Summer has flown by and with many schools back in session today, we felt it was time to update you on some Fall 4-H Events & Updates.

  • Back by popular demand, 4-H Fall Campout, October 7th – 9th, at the Lawrence County Fairgrounds. Details & registration can be found at Saturday’s campout events are open to all 4-H’ers, even if you’re not planning to camp.
  • Lawrence County Farm Bureau present’s “Ring on the River”, Market Feeder & Prospect Heifer Show, Sunday, October 9th. Details can be found by clicking “Ring on the River” 

Also, volunteers & parents – Thursday, September 15th, is our Reorganizational Meeting for our 4-H & Livestock Committees. Anyone interested in running to be elected to the board must submit a letter of interest by the 15th to be on the ballot. Letters need to be submitted to or mailed/dropped off to our office at 111 South 4th Street, Ironton. All committee members must be a certified 4-H volunteer.

September/October committee meetings are focused on 2023 rule changes and program updates – please share anything you feel should be considered as a rule change or a program update with me prior to September 15th. I will be glad to share with the committees. Your voice matters & we love continuing to make the best better. For example, the Livestock Committee already made a few changes to rules in their August meeting based on input and feedback from our 4-H families.

The following rule changes will be in effect for the 2023 Junior Fair Season: 

  • Market Beef Show: The Market Steer Show will become a Market Beef Show; meaning market steers or market heifers may be shown. Members may show one or the other, but not both; only 1 Market Beef animal per exhibitor will be permitted. All other 2022 Market Steer rules and weights will apply. Market Beef Tag-in is scheduled for Saturday, December 17th from 10:00 – 11:00am at the county fairgrounds. Reminder all beef tagged in must be halter broke and lead to the scales for tagging.
  • Market Rabbit Exhibition: The Market Rabbit show will still require two tattooed rabbits to be weighed in to be eligible to exhibit in the quality, market rabbit show. However, changing for 2023, if you only have one tattooed rabbit at time of weigh in, you will be permitted to check in 1 rabbit during Fair weigh-in to exhibit in the Rabbit Showmanship Show. A pair of two tattooed fair rabbits is still required at Fair weigh-in to be eligible to sale.
  • More updates and rule changes are being discussed and will be shared as they are finalized and voted on.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions please reach out to our office at 740-533-4322 or email me at

Thank you all for an amazing 4-H Fair Season! We look forward to working with many of our youth during our afterschool and in-school programming coming to many schools this Fall!



2022 Lawrence County Junior Fair Barn Meeting

2022 Barn Meeting


1st – Lawrence County Junior Fairboard has a few tips for success to share:

  1. Check on your animals, especially during the hottest parts of the day.
  2. Keep pens clean and tidy.
  3. Be a decent human.
  4. Wash your hands after working with your animals and after cleaning pens.
  5. Always be willing to jump in and help others when you see they need help.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!
  7. If you can’t be there to make sure your animal is being take care of, ask a friend and create a buddy system.
  8. Exercise your animals during practice time.
  9. Always clean up after yourself – don’t leave a mess.
  10. Keep cornhole and other games outside of the barn.
  11. Have fun and enjoy your week!

2nd – DUNF Forms are electronic. QR code and link will be available day of tag in.

3rd – Please remember, you may only go thru the Livestock Sale once. All other animals exhibited must be drop slipped. Forms may be dropped off at the 4-H Office under the grandstand or in designated Drop Boxes in the Barns. Forms must be completed and submitted by specie deadline.

 Per Livestock Rules:

“Any market project except for grand or reserve, can be removed from the sale order, so long as a Market Sale Drop Slip is completed and turned in by the identified specie deadline (see fair schedule). If the exhibitor does not turn in a Market Sale Drop Slip and the market project is not in the sale, the animal will be consigned to market and the exhibitor will receive market price, no exceptions. Market Sale Drop Slips must be turned in by designated specie deadlines. Rabbits and chickens continue to sell as a pen, not as individual stock, and unless withdrawn from the sale will be sent to harvest.  Failure to complete a Market Sale Drop Slip will result in the exhibitors highest placing animal going through the sale and all others going to market for market price.”

4th – It is your responsibility to keep your pen clean. One bag of shavings will be provided to lambs, goats, and hogs. Saw dust will also be available for all species.

5th – Thank You & Welcome Buyer Sign/Poster– Please be sure to place your Thank You or Welcome Sign/Poster above your stall by Monday at noon. Exhibitor made posters will be judged.

6th – Be sure to follow the Ohio 4-H Code of Conduct, as well as dress appropriately when in the show ring.

Per Livestock Rules:

“Lawrence County Fair dress code during show and sale consists of a clean dress. Anyone in the show/sale arena must wear closed toed shoes, boots or leather shoes preferred. Long pants/jeans with no holes are required when in the show/sale arena. No advertisements on clothing with the exception of 4-H or FFA Logos; but no identification of club or chapter permitted. Also shirts must NOT have any sayings that are inappropriate for ANY age of participants and spectators. Shirts must have shoulders, appropriate necklines, no cut-out arms, cover all undergarments and the shirt MUST meet the waist band of pants. Some examples of shirts not permitted are: midriff baring, spaghetti straps, arms cut out shirts and tube tops. No hats will be permitted in the show ring. All tattoos must be covered during show and sale. The use of cell phones, iPads, etc. are prohibited during show and sale. Failure to comply, may result in show/sale dismissal.”

7th  – Don’t forget, you must complete Skillathon (new this year), as well as the livestock show and showmanship to be eligible to sale. 

8th – Junior & Senior Showman of Showmen – Winners from the each of the Market Showmanship shows within each of the Senior (14 and older) and Junior (13 and younger) divisions are eligible for the showman of showmen. Seniors will exhibit a market steer, market lamb, market goat, market hog, market rabbit, and market chicken. Juniors will exhibit feeder calves, market lambs, goats, hogs, rabbits and chickens. The committee will provide a rabbit and chicken for all exhibitors. Pending availability, juniors may also share other species. This is an optional event. Youth may also scratch species they wish not to show, but will take the points deduction.

9th – HAVE FUN!!!  Take it all in and Enjoy the Moment!  Gaga Ball, Corn Hole, and Sidewalk Chalk will be available at the 4-H Breezeway (Old Rabbit/Chicken Barn).

10th – Kindness & Smiles are contagious! Spread happiness, joy and friendship!

All 2022 Lawrence County Junior Fair Rules can be found at






Lawrence 4-H News, June 2022

Hello! In the next 30 days we have lots of things happening in Lawrence County 4-H!

Market Rabbit Tattooing is scheduled for tomorrow, June 11th, 8:00 – 10:00am. All 4-H members planning to exhibit Market Rabbits must bring their rabbits to the fairgrounds 4-H Shelter. Skillathon will also be offered during this time, study guide and all rules and regulations for market rabbits can be found here: Lawrence County Fair | Lawrence (

Nature Clinic is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14th, 5:00pm at the Road Side Shelter at Lake Vesuvius. All natural resource projects are invited to attend. This is sponsored by Wayne National Forest.

Lawrence County 4-H Dog Show is scheduled for Wednesday, June 15th at 6:00pm on the Courthouse Lawn. All Dog Obedience youth who have completed their training will be judged at this time.

4-H Project Judging Interview Registration All members taking a general 4-H project, must register for an interview by June 15. To do so:

Awards will be announced immediately following the project judging. All 1st place will then be entered into the Overall Project Winner competition. For more details about project judging, silent auction, overall winners, etc. please visit our Lawrence County 4-H Volunteer & Member Guidebook 

Lawrence County Fair Queen & Princess Competition, Due June 17:

Beef Breeding & Market Feeder Housing Information: Due to the high number of members planning to exhibit at the county fair, these projects are given the option to house their animal at the fair for the week or bring in day of show. To help us plan, please complete this quick survey – Beef Breeding/Feeder Calf Housing

4-H Small Animal Showboxes, with the change in space this year – we will be allowing clubs to bring an approximately 4ft x 4ft x 2ft show box to be used by their 4-H club to keep their fair supplies in during the fair. These will be housed in the new rabbit & chicken barn.

“Girl Talk”, Commissioner Holliday and her team will be hosting Girl Talk again this year. All 13-18 year old girls are invited to sit down for a motivational, empowering conversation on Tuesday, July 12th at 11:00am. At 12:15, a few of our Teen Leaders will be hosting a session for our 8 – 12 year old girls. This event will be happening in the 4-H Breezeway (old rabbit/chicken barn). To help us plan, please complete this quick survey by July 1: Girl Talk RSVP

4-H Club Project Displays: Club advisors, don’t forget to please complete the club display registration form by July 1. Display Project Registration

Don’t forget, parade details can be found in the April newsletter and other details regarding the displays can be found in our guidebook.

4-H Showcase, 4-H members, advisors, and families are invited to attend the 4-H Showcase and Ice Cream Social on Friday, July 15th at 3:00pm. At this time, we will recognize the following:

  • Style Show: All Clothing Project Members may model/showcase their project. Members will receive 5 bonus points toward their Overall Clothing Award score if they participate.
  • Senior Salute & Scholarship Awards: All Lawrence 4-H Seniors will be recognized during the showcase, Senior Scholarship Winners will also awarded. The Ohio Valley Bank and Junior Fair Sale Scholarship winner will be announced at the Junior Fair Sale on Saturday, July 16.
  • 4-H Overall Project Winners: 1st place winners from their category will be entered into the Overall Project Winner contest. An overall project winner for each category will be announced at the showcase.
  • Auction Items Presented: All project members who were eligible to put a hand made item in the silent auction, will present their item to the winning bidder at the Showcase.
  • Skillathon Awards: All junior and senior skillathon award winners will be announced at this time.
  • Volunteer Recognition: All volunteers completing their 1st, 5th, 10th, …etc. will be recognized at the showcase. We will also be honoring our 4-H volunteers who were recognized at the Ohio 4-H Conference this year for their years of service.

4-H Cloverbud Parade & Interview, Cloverbuds are invited to participate in the Cloverbud Parade, this years theme is “Career Parade”. Cloverbuds are encouraged to dress up to represent what they want to be when they grow up. Once the walk through the parade, cloverbuds will have the opportunity to sit down for an interview sharing about the 4-H experience this year. Cloverbuds can bring a 1/2 sized poster board or small project to display their favorite thing about 4-H or something they learned.

Alumni T-Shirt Fundraiser, SV FFA and Lawrence 4-H are teaming up to sell t-shirts – to order visit:

2022 Lawrence County Fair 4-H Schedule of Events with locations added can be found at 2022 Lawrence County Fair Schedule of Events (

4-H Club Advisor Pre-Fair Check-In, July 5, 8:30 – 4:30pm, One advisor from each club must check in to pick up fair passes and any other pre-fair necessities. Advisors must submit a club roster with meeting dates. To find your official club roster, log into click clubs, then using your club log in code, log in to view roster. Reminder: All members must attend 5 meetings to be eligible to exhibit at their project.

Ohio State Fair Registration:

  • All Livestock exhibitors planning to show at the Ohio State Fair in the Junior Fair division must register through their website: Livestock Competitions (
  • 4-H Project exhibition details will be given out at judging to all 1st place winners of state fair eligible projects. Registration must be received by Friday, July 15th at 4:30pm. After 4:30pm, opportunity is passed to the next placing. Deadline for state fair entry is July 25.

Looking for more information: please refer to the Lawrence County 4-H Volunteer & Member Guidebook and remember lots of news and details have already been shared in previous 2022 Newsletters. The guidebook can be found here: Lawrence County 4-H Volunteer & Member Guidebook and Newsletters can be found here:

Questions? Please feel free to reach out to us at 740-533-4322 or –

Lawrence County 4-H News, May 2022

Hello Lawrence County 4-H’ers! April was such a busy month full of deadlines, tag-ins, etc. and we just want to say thank you! Each of you worked hard to get necessary paperwork turned in, trainings completed, along with attending club meetings and events on top of everything else going on in your busy lives & we truly appreciate your dedication!

What are 4-H’ers in Lawrence County doing this month county-wide:

  • Signing up for 4-H Camp! 
  • Attending 4-H Clinics, open to anyone interested in the project area
  • Youth enrolled in Breeding/Non-Market Projects are completing their ID Forms, due June 1
  • Studying for Skillathon
  • Picking up Market Chickens: All 4-H Market Chicken exhibitors should be preparing to pick up their chicken orders, May 25-27. Families will be called the day of arrival, chickens are expected to be picked up by 4:30pm at the Extension Office.

Also quickly approaching is the Junior Fair Queen & Princess Contest, Due June 17:

Food & Clothing Judging Date has been scheduled: All food and clothing judging projects will be judged pre-fair on June 28th at Resurrection Hope United Methodist Church. Schedule and interview rsvp will be sent to members in the next few weeks!

Market Rabbit Tattoo Date is scheduled for June 11, 8:00 – 10:00am.

South Central Ohio Horse Clinic is scheduled for June 10-12th, registration is being emailed today to all eligible members.

A few notes for our 4-H Club Leaders…

  • Club meetings are in full swing and I hope going well! If you need any resources to provide activities, have questions, want us or a teen leader/camp ambassador to come visit – please let me know!
  • As you are having your club meetings – please be sure to keep a club roster with meeting dates attended. 4-H Members must attend 5 meeting by July 1 to be eligible to exhibit, show, and sell at the county fair. Rosters will be turned in at our July 5 pass pick up day.
  • Club Display Registration is open and due by July 1 – Registration found here



Lawrence County 4-H, April 2022 News

Hello –

As I just shared in our recent column in the Ironton Tribune, March is Madness in 4-H, too! I hope all of our 4-H families are off to a great start.

We have quite a bit to update you on and bring to your attention to help with your projects and 4-H year success! Some will pertain to you, other pieces may not, but we hope you read it all to be aware of what is going on in our county 4-H program, so just maybe you can help your fellow 4-H’ers if they have questions 🙂

What’s Happening in April?

  • April 1st, Market Chicken Orders, must be placed. Order by visiting: Market Chicken Order Form
  • April 2nd, Lawrence County 4-H Horse Clinic open to all Lawrence County 4-H youth. Lunch will start at noon, with clinic planning to start at 1:00pm. RSVP here!
  • April 4th, Extended Deadline date for Lawrence County 4-H Horse ID forms! This is the first deadline 4-H Horse Youth must meet in order to be eligible to show. Failure to submit by the 4th will result in ineligibility to show at the county/state fair. Horse ID form can be found here! Second step is the Equistep Training, training can be found at Equistep must be completed by May 1.
  • April 19, Quilting Clinic, youth interested in quilting can register for a hands-on clinic, more details and the RSVP form can be found at: 4-H Clover Clinics Please RSVP by April 10.
  • April 21, County-Wide Quality Assurance Training, 7:30pm,  zoom option: QA Registration
  • April 23, Lamb, Goat, Hog Tag-In, 8:00 – 10:00am, Fairgrounds. All members planning to exhibit lamb, goat, or hog projects must have their animals brought to the fairgrounds during the designated time to tag animals with official fair ID.
  • April 29 – 30th, Canter’s Cave 4-H Camp, Spring Fling, Open to 3rd-6th graders. Spring Fling is an overnight camping opportunity for youth to come check out 4-H Camp. Registration is $40. Payment and Registration is due by April 22. Register by clicking: Spring Fling
  • April 30th, Sewing Clinic, youth interested in sewing can register for a hands-on clinic, more details and the RSVP form can be found at: 4-H Clover Clinics Please RSVP by April 10.

Program Updates

  • Did you miss the orientation meeting for Dog Obedience? The next Dog Obedience meeting will be this coming Wednesday, April 6th at 6:30pm on the courthouse lawn in Ironton.
  • Shooting Sports is meeting regularly, if you are enrolled in a 700 level shooting sports project you must be meeting with our certified instructors through the Lawrence County 4-H Shooting Sports Club. If you need help connecting with them, please let us know.
  • Quality Assurance Deadline, May 1, there are multiple ways to complete Quality Assurance – in your club with a certified assistant instructor, through on-line zooms, YQCA, or test-out (if you meet the required age of 12) but whichever you choose… QA must be complete by May 1 to be eligible to show and sell at the county fair.
  • Livestock Skillathon, Livestock Skillathon is mandatory this year for all exhibitors to be eligible to show and sell. If exhibiting multiple species, exhibitors may choose with preference being a market project over breeding. Skillathons will be completed on ipads this year. Livestock Skillathon for all species will be offered on Saturday and Sunday of the Fair. Chickens must be completed by Saturday, prior to show (no Sunday option). Each specie will also have the opportunity to complete skillathon at their designated tag in.
    • Lamb, Goat, Hog: April 23
    • Chickens: During chicken pick up, week of May 23
    • Rabbits: June 11
  • Visit Livestock Skillathon Study Guide for this years topics. Although not listed on the Skillathon Study Guide, if members bring their 4-H project books with these pages complete to their skillathon, they will receive 5 bonus points:
      • Goat: pg. 30-33
      • Rabbit: pg. 34-37
      • Chicken: pgs. 7-9
      • Lamb: pgs. 27-30
      • Beef: pgs. 27-30
      • Hog: pgs. 27-30

4-H Fair Activities Updates

  • Change in Lawrence County Fair Parade: The 4-H parade will be moving to Saturday this year. It will be held at 2:00pm inside the fairgrounds. We will no longer be starting from the Kroger parking lot. It will also be a walking parade only. Clubs are encouraged to have props but there will be no trucks, floats, or motor vehicles. Walking Only!
  • Change in Rabbit/Chicken Barn & 4-H Building: Recently, it was decided the 4-H Building and the Rabbit and Chicken Barn will swap places. Our 4-H and Livestock Committees along with the Senior Fairboard are working hard to make this transition and believe it will be a great move for our rabbit and chicken exhibitors. We will be using the 4-H Expo Center  for all 4-H displays. In the stages of making the move, an idea to allow small animal club show boxes was shared. Advisors we would like your input, would you be interested in creating a 4ft x 4ft x 2ft show box to be utilized by your club members? Please complete the Show Box Survey by April 15.
  • Club Booth Displays: We will be setting up our table-top club booth displays in the 4-H Expo Center under the grandstand. The same criteria exists as before, except  you will not have the boards behind your display to staple to, if you need wall space it must be magnetic or placed with command hooks that will be removed on Sunday of the fair.
  • Cloverbud Corner: We will have a cloverbud corner in the Expo Center.
  • Cloverbud Interviews, Project Judging, Picnic Table Socialization, Games, and more will be held in the old rabbit/chicken barn… now the 4-H building :).
  • 4-H Fair Schedule: The 4-H Fair Schedule has been posted on our website at: 2022 Lawrence County Fair Schedule of Events ( Locations will be added as we approach the fair.

We understand some of these changes may impact your decisions to participate in some of the club projects: parade, beautifications, displays etc. We will be launching a new sign up for these things in the next few weeks!

4-H Camp Opportunities

Dates, scholarship applications and more can be found: 4-H Camp | Lawrence ( 

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Ideas? Send them our way at or 740-533-4322


Lawrence 4-H Clover Clinic: Sewing & Quilting

Hello –

As part of your 4-H Sewing or Quilting Project, you are invited to the 4-H Clover Clinics for Sewing & Quilting. These clinics will be hosted by our 4-H Committee and 4-H alumni who have a special talent in these areas and are willing to share with you! You will spend time doing hands-on learning activities to help guide you with your project. Even if you are not enrolled in both a quilting and sewing project, you are invited to participate in any of interest to you:

  • Quilting: Tuesday, April 19th, 6:00pm at Cindy Lambert’s Home, Kitts Hill, OH 
  • Sewing: Saturday, April 30th, 10:00am at Mamre’s Ministry Center, Kitts Hill, OH

Please register by April 10th, To register visit: 4-H Clover Clinic – Sewing & Quilting Registration

If you have any questions, let me know.


Lawrence County 4-H Dog Obedience

Welcome to the 4-H Dog Obedience Crew 2022 –

The Lawrence County 4-H Dog Obedience program will kick off Wednesday, March 30th, 6:00pm at the Extension Office, 111 South 4th Street, Ironton, OH.  During this informational meeting, dogs are not permitted and one parent is expected to attend.

Before the meeting,

If needed, copies will be available at the March 30th. However, forms are expected to be completed before participating in trainings with your dog.

Also, Dog Obedience Project and Resource Books are available through order with your 4-H Club Advisor or by contacting the Extension Office directly, 740-533-4322.

The Dog Obedience Training is a 10 week course ending with judging prior to Fair.

If you have any questions, please let me know.



Lawrence County 4-H Market Chickens

Hello & Welcome to our 2022 4-H Market Chicken Crew:

We hope you are excited about completing your Market Chicken Project this year and just wanted to highlight a few things to help you be successful:

1st – Market Chicken Project Books can be purchased by ordering through your club or directly at the Extension Office.

2nd – Market Chicken Orders must be placed and paid for by April 1st. All market chickens must be ordered through our bulk order. Place your order by visiting: Market Chicken Order Form

3rd – All Market Chicken youth must attend Quality Assurance. Quality Assurance options can be found at: Lawrence County Fair | Lawrence (

4th – Please be aware, we have received notice Avian Influenza is spreading, please make sure you are following all Biosecurity measures, for more information please visit: Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza | Ohioline (

5th – Familiarize yourself with the Lawrence County Junior Fair Livestock Rules found here: 2022 Lawrence County Fair Rules_1.pdf (

& lastly, if you are also enrolled and planning to exhibit Fancy Poultry, exhibitors must complete and submit the Fancy Poultry form by June 1st.

If you have any questions – please let me know,



Lawrence County 4-H Horse Crew

4-H Project Books are on sale in the county office, work with your advisor to place an order or contact our office.

Familiarize yourself with the Lawrence County 4-H Horse Rules, found at 2022 horse rules.pdf (

Each member must complete the Horse ID Form. The Horse ID Form must be complete by March 31st to continue your eligibility for exhibition! The form can be found here:  Online Survey Software | Qualtrics Survey Solutions If you need a paper copy, please contact our office.

Equistep Safety Training must also be completed to be eligible for exhibition.  There will be an in-person training option on Tuesday, March 29th at 6:00pm at Collins Career Center.  -OR- you can complete the training online. The online training can be found at: Once you complete online, you must submit a copy of your certification to: Qualtrics Survey | Qualtrics Experience Management. Training must be complete by May 1.

Lastly, we would like to invite you to an upcoming Back to the Basics 4-H Horse Clinic, please see flyer below:

Lawrence County 4-H News, March 2022

“4-H: What a Crew in 2022” 

Wow! It’s March 1st and the 4-H Club Member Enrollments are rolling in! Deadline to enroll for project exhibition at the county fair is March 15th. Each member and volunteer needs to enroll for the current 4-H year by visiting

4-H Enrollment Rosters: Enrollment rosters, as of 10:30am on 3/1, have been emailed to at least one club advisor. Please review and contact us if you have any questions. Please pay close attention to new members and reach out to them regarding upcoming club meetings and other club expectations. Please note, clubs must offer at least 6 club meetings and members must attend at least 5 meetings by July 1 for county and state fair eligibility.

Club Advisor Training: All 4-H volunteers need to complete their 4-H volunteer trainings. If you have not already done so, please complete the:

4-H Project Book Orders: Clubs submitting a project book order for their members should submit 2022 Ohio 4-H Project Books and Resources Volunteer Order Form to our office by April 1. Project books are usually available at our county office, or can be here within the week you order, if members are responsible for project book ordering – please contact our office prior to stopping by so we can check our inventory.

As you are enrolling in your project, we would like to remind you of a few things:

  1. If you have taken a general 4-H project, year after year, and the project is written as a 1 year project – we encourage you to try something new!
  2. Always be sure to check out the rules and expectations of your project before committing to a project.
    1. Lawrence County Junior Fair Livestock Rules
    2. 4-H Volunteer & Member Guidebook 

4-H Clover Clinics: The 4-H Committee is working hard to provide members with 4-H project clinics in many different project areas. So far, a Horse Clinic has been set for April 2nd at LCHA and a Nature Clinic with Wayne National Forest has been scheduled for June 7th at 5:00pm. We will update you as more dates are scheduled and plans are made.

Lawrence County 4-H Dog Obedience: The Dog Obedience courses, offered by Leslie Milleson, will begin Wednesday, March 30th, 6:00pm at the Extension Office. Dogs are not permitted at this first informative meeting, however – please complete 2022 Permission to Participate Form & 2022 Dog ID form and Vaccine Certificate

Lawrence County Livestock Quality Assurance: All livestock exhibitors must complete Quality Assurance by May 1st. Options can be found at: Lawrence County Fair | Lawrence (

We still have a few county-wide virtual options, there are quite a few 4-H Club advisors trained to offer in their club, and there is a YQCA online training option.

Lawrence County 4-H Horse Projects: All horse exhibitors must complete their Horse ID form, due March 31, and Equistep Training , due May 1.

Lawrence County 4-H Market Chicken Orders: All exhibitors planning to exhibit Market Chickens at the county fair must purchase their chickens through our office, order form can be found: 2022 Market Chicken Order Form

Lawrence County 4-H Scholarship Opportunities are available: We encourage graduating seniors and last year 4-H members to check out the 2 different scholarship opportunities available this year through Lawrence County: Lawrence County 4-H Scholarship Opportunities | Lawrence (

Canter’s Cave 4-H Camping Opportunities: 

  • May 31 – June 3: Adams, Brown, Lawrence, Meigs, Pike Beginner Camp (3rd – 5th grade)
  • June 11-12: Cloverbud Camp
  • June 12 – 15th: Adams, Brown, Lawrence, Meigs, Pike Jr. High Camp (6th – 8th grade)
  • June 24 – 27th: Canter’s Cave 4-H Teen Camp
  • June 29 – July 1: Canter’s Cave STEM Camp (5th – 7th grade)

More dates and camp scholarship application can be found at: 4-H Camp | Lawrence (

Please, please, please remember to take a look at our 4-H Volunteer & Member Guidebook & the Lawrence County Livestock Rules to help keep you and your 4-H friends up to date with all the Lawrence County 4-H happenings in 2022 and as always please let us know if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns! We are here to help 🙂