Monday Motivation, Funday Friday, and Other Virtual 4-H Activities

During COVID-19, Lawrence County 4-H is providing 4-H Families with Monday Motivation, Funday Friday and other 4-H Challenges to keep 4-H members engaged during our stay at home order. Members are encouraged to submit their participation photos to or visit us on our Ohio State – Lawrence County 4-H Facebook page, @lawrence4h.

Each week you will find new posts here to engage with our 4-H families! Enjoy!

Monday Motivation

Get Outside, April 6th 

4-H Spirit, April 13th 

Favorite 4-H Memory, April 20th

Funday Friday

4-H Scavenger Hunt, March 27th 

4-H Pledge, Clover, & Motto, April 3rd

Alphabet Exercise, April 10th

4-H Challenges

Earth Day, April 22nd

Demonstration Contest – Deadline, June 1st