2022 Lawrence County Junior Fair Barn Meeting

2022 Barn Meeting


1st – Lawrence County Junior Fairboard has a few tips for success to share:

  1. Check on your animals, especially during the hottest parts of the day.
  2. Keep pens clean and tidy.
  3. Be a decent human.
  4. Wash your hands after working with your animals and after cleaning pens.
  5. Always be willing to jump in and help others when you see they need help.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!
  7. If you can’t be there to make sure your animal is being take care of, ask a friend and create a buddy system.
  8. Exercise your animals during practice time.
  9. Always clean up after yourself – don’t leave a mess.
  10. Keep cornhole and other games outside of the barn.
  11. Have fun and enjoy your week!

2nd – DUNF Forms are electronic. QR code and link will be available day of tag in.

3rd – Please remember, you may only go thru the Livestock Sale once. All other animals exhibited must be drop slipped. Forms may be dropped off at the 4-H Office under the grandstand or in designated Drop Boxes in the Barns. Forms must be completed and submitted by specie deadline.

 Per Livestock Rules:

“Any market project except for grand or reserve, can be removed from the sale order, so long as a Market Sale Drop Slip is completed and turned in by the identified specie deadline (see fair schedule). If the exhibitor does not turn in a Market Sale Drop Slip and the market project is not in the sale, the animal will be consigned to market and the exhibitor will receive market price, no exceptions. Market Sale Drop Slips must be turned in by designated specie deadlines. Rabbits and chickens continue to sell as a pen, not as individual stock, and unless withdrawn from the sale will be sent to harvest.  Failure to complete a Market Sale Drop Slip will result in the exhibitors highest placing animal going through the sale and all others going to market for market price.”

4th – It is your responsibility to keep your pen clean. One bag of shavings will be provided to lambs, goats, and hogs. Saw dust will also be available for all species.

5th – Thank You & Welcome Buyer Sign/Poster– Please be sure to place your Thank You or Welcome Sign/Poster above your stall by Monday at noon. Exhibitor made posters will be judged.

6th – Be sure to follow the Ohio 4-H Code of Conduct, as well as dress appropriately when in the show ring.

Per Livestock Rules:

“Lawrence County Fair dress code during show and sale consists of a clean dress. Anyone in the show/sale arena must wear closed toed shoes, boots or leather shoes preferred. Long pants/jeans with no holes are required when in the show/sale arena. No advertisements on clothing with the exception of 4-H or FFA Logos; but no identification of club or chapter permitted. Also shirts must NOT have any sayings that are inappropriate for ANY age of participants and spectators. Shirts must have shoulders, appropriate necklines, no cut-out arms, cover all undergarments and the shirt MUST meet the waist band of pants. Some examples of shirts not permitted are: midriff baring, spaghetti straps, arms cut out shirts and tube tops. No hats will be permitted in the show ring. All tattoos must be covered during show and sale. The use of cell phones, iPads, etc. are prohibited during show and sale. Failure to comply, may result in show/sale dismissal.”

7th  – Don’t forget, you must complete Skillathon (new this year), as well as the livestock show and showmanship to be eligible to sale. 

8th – Junior & Senior Showman of Showmen – Winners from the each of the Market Showmanship shows within each of the Senior (14 and older) and Junior (13 and younger) divisions are eligible for the showman of showmen. Seniors will exhibit a market steer, market lamb, market goat, market hog, market rabbit, and market chicken. Juniors will exhibit feeder calves, market lambs, goats, hogs, rabbits and chickens. The committee will provide a rabbit and chicken for all exhibitors. Pending availability, juniors may also share other species. This is an optional event. Youth may also scratch species they wish not to show, but will take the points deduction.

9th – HAVE FUN!!!  Take it all in and Enjoy the Moment!  Gaga Ball, Corn Hole, and Sidewalk Chalk will be available at the 4-H Breezeway (Old Rabbit/Chicken Barn).

10th – Kindness & Smiles are contagious! Spread happiness, joy and friendship!

All 2022 Lawrence County Junior Fair Rules can be found at