Lawrence County 4-H News, July 2021

2021 Lawrence County 4-H Fair Theme

“Lawrence County 4-H Can Do Virtually Anything Together”

4-H Club Booths/Beautification Displays & Parade

4-H Club Booths will be given a 3 ft. table space from the floor up to display your club advisors, members, and activities/projects your club completed this year. All individual projects will be displayed on the tables and wall across from the 4-H Club Booths. Please follow project guidelines for individual projects. All guidelines can be found online at

Beautification Displays Upon arrival at the county fair, we would like all 4-H Beautification displays in their designated spot by 5:00pm on Sunday, July 11th. There will be a map on display in the 4-H building. Please add your location to the map to indicate its location on the fairgrounds to help with judging.

4-H Parade will be Sunday, July 11th, please be lined up and ready to go by noon at the Kroger parking lot. Line up as you arrive, making sure your club knows where to find you and file out when indicated by the escort. We will not be lining up by club name. Please make sure we have received your club info sheet for announcing, prior to the start of the parade.

Barn Meeting

There will not be a barn meeting this year at the Fairgrounds, we ask each of you to watch our Barn Meeting tips presented by our Lawrence County Junior Fairboard at

Beef Breeding & Market Feeder Check-In

Animals not brought in for the week will need to check in at the scales between 9-10am, showday, Wednesday, July 14th.

DUNF Forms

All market species will need to complete the Drug Use Notification Form by Sunday of the fair, by 6pm. These will be electronic this year, we will have computer access for families to complete.

**all Hog exhibitors will also need to complete their Ractopamine Free affadavit.

4-H Project – 1st Place 

All project exhibitors who receive 1st place in their judging throughout the week who wish to compete at the State Fair must notify the 4-H office by Friday, July 16th, 4-H Showcase. Failure to notify the office of your intent to compete at the state fair opens it up for 2nd place and beyond to register for the Lawrence County seat at state fair project judging in that project area.

4-H Showcase & Silent Auction

The Lawrence County 4-H Showcase, 2:00pm Friday July 16th, will highlight Skillathon Awards, 4-H Overall Project Awards, and the Style Show. During this time, our 4-H Project Silent Auction will be open. Many of our 1st 4-H Projects judged on Wednesday and Thursday of the fair will have the opportunity to sell their project through our 4-H Project Silent Auction. Bring a friend and come check out these winning projects and consider supporting their hard work through the silent auction

Club of the Day

We will not be requiring Clubs to sign up for a specific “Club of the Day” clean up because we are asking each of you to always leave the grounds better than you found it. If you see a mess, help clean it up! If advisors would like to organize a group effort, please feel free to do so!

Cloverbud Events

During the Lawrence County Fair, we are planning to have many different Cloverbud activities for your 5-8 year old members. All Cloverbud events and details can be found in our June newsletter, Lawrence County 4-H News, June 2021

Sweet Tooth Auction

The Lawrence County Junior Fairboard would like to invite you and your friends to the 20 Sweet Tooth Auction. The Sweet Tooth Auction is the primary fundraiser for the Junior Fairboard. The Junior Fairboard uses these funds to put on the cloverbud activities at the fair, engage in service learning opportunities, and giving back to the community. Please come support them on Tuesday, July 13th at 5:00pm at the Large Animal Barn prior to the Hog Show.

Skill-A-Thon Study Guides

Skill-A-Thon will take place in the 4-H Expo Center under the grandstand. Study guides can be found at Lawrence County 4-H Skillathon Study Guide.

Livestock Bowl

The Lawrence County Farm Bureau hosting a Livestock Bowl during the fair, teams will consist of 5 members within the junior or senior division. Teams can be made up of members from different clubs. Please see the attached fair schedule for details.

Livestock Sale Checks

Checks will be mailed to the 4-H member’s enrollment address. If this address has changed, the 4-H member needs to provide the Extension Office with proof of address change. Please remind all youth and parents to do so, prior to the fair. If the 4-H member needs to make arrangements to pick up their check, they must contact Leslie before doing so at her office. Checks will be mailed no earlier than August 1st.

Thank You’s

Market Livestock: Don’t forget to have all livestock youth create a Buyer Thank You Poster to hang above their pen for the week of the fair. All posters should thank their buyers from last year, if you have new livestock members have them create a welcome 2021 buyers or a thank you to previous buyers

All members: Many of our awards are sponsored by local businesses, please encourage your members to write thank you’s to the sponsors for the events they are participating in throughout the county fair.

Lawrence County Fair and Ohio 4-H Policies

As we come into fair time, it is important to remember a few of our Ohio 4-H and Fair Rules when it comes to show and sale etiquette and 4-H volunteer and member code of conduct, please share with your members and volunteers.

Code of Conduct

“4-H members, parents, and other adults participating in 4-H activities will:

  1. Adhere to program rules, curfews, dress codes, policies, and rules of the facility being used.
  2. Conduct themselves in a courteous, respectful manner, use appropriate language, exhibit good sportsmanship, and provide positive role models.
  3. Abstain from illegal behaviors, use of alcohol, illegal or illicit drugs, and tobacco during 4-H events and activities.
  4. Fully participate in scheduled activities.
  5. Respect other’s property and privacy rights.
  6. Abstain from child abuse (physical and/or verbal) and harassment.
  7. Accept personal responsibility for behavior including any financial damage.
  8. Be responsible for any financial damage caused by inappropriate behavior.
  9. Adhere to rules of safety.
  10. I will uphold and support the responsible and lawful use of social media. In so doing, I will not create or post social media content that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, obscene, harassing, or creates a hostile environment.

Consequences for violating any part of the code of conduct may include, but are not limited to: removal from participation in the event in which the code of conduct has been violated (at the individual’s expense); sanctions on participating in future 4-H events, forfeiture of financial support for the event, removal from offices held, etc. Behavior outside of 4-H activities can affect “member in good standing” or “volunteer in good standing” status.”


4-H & FFA Show & Sale Dress Code

  1. Lawrence County Fair dress code during show and sale consists of a clean dress. Anyone in the show/sale arena must wear boots or leather shoes at all times. Long pants with no holes are required when in the show/sale arena. No advertisements on clothing with the exception of 4-H or FFA Logos; but no identification of club or chapter permitted. Also shirts must NOT have any sayings that are inappropriate for ANY age of participants and spectators. Shirts must have shoulders, appropriate necklines, no cut-out arms, cover all undergarments and the shirt MUST meet the pants. Some examples of shirts not permitted are: midriff baring, spaghetti straps, arms cut out shirts and tube tops. No hats will be permitted in the show ring. All tattoos must be covered during show and sale. The use of cell phones, iPads, etc. are prohibited during show and sale. Failure to comply, may result in show/sale dismissal.

All 2019 Lawrence County 4-H Livestock Fair Rules, Schedule and more can be found at Lawrence County Fair

Fair Office Hours

Our office will be moving to the fairgrounds on Wednesday, July 7th. Therefore our office in the courthouse will be closed Wednesday, July 7th  thru the end of fair. Our office will reopen, July 19th. During the fair, our office is located under the fairgrounds. Our phones will be forwarded, so please call 740-533-4322; if needed and leave a message! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Need More Information

Looking for more information or feel like we’re missing something, visit or to view our previous newsletters or contact our office at 740-533-4322, email or