About Me


Hello, My name is Tolulope Lawal. I was born in Nigeria so I have multiple names, 8 to to be exact. I don’t go by all the names on a regular basis; I’ve never gone by my official first name but I go by Tolu at any academic institution and the rest of the world calls me by one of my the unofficial names, Dami. I am one of 4 kids and was raised, since I was 4, in Saint Louis, Missouri. I participated in extracurricular activities such as Robotics, Key club, College bridge club, media club, french club, golf and track and field. I was a fairly good student but am well aware of my weaknesses and hope to overcome them this school year.  My interests include, but are not limited to golf, being engaged with global issues, and reading. I am also an aspiring Materials Engineer and would like to be a global innovator and work with developing nations.


Top 5 Strengths

  1. Harmony: Looks for consensus. Doesn’t like conflict.
  2. Adaptability: “Go with the flow” type of person. Take things as they come and adjust quite easily to them
  3. Relator: Enjoys close, meaningful relationships with others.
  4. Restorative: Good at dealing with problems. Figures out what is wrong and tries to fix it.
  5. Consistency: Treats everyone the same and tries to seek new, more efficient ways of doing things.



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