Year in Review

I came into my sophomore year at Ohio State with not only a better idea of who I wanted to surround myself with, but who I wanted to be. After joining a fraternity and joining the Business Scholars Leadership Council, I felt that I was involved as a leader on campus, and I wanted to build upon that to build as many connections as possible. I was excited to meet even more people as I moved off campus and sought out different clubs to get involved in. My coursework definitely piled up, as I was starting to get into primarily Fisher classes, and finishing my general education requirements. I had to work twice as hard to maintain a steady GPA, and the library became a close friend as well as an arch nemesis.

After serving on the executive board for Business Scholars and quickly becoming immersed in Greek life on campus, I decided to explore what else was out there for me at Ohio State. I was elected Vice President of Recruitment for my chapter, and became a peer coach for Scarlet & Gray Financial at the student health center. These two positions helped me to develop as a better public speaker, as I hold weekly meetings as a vice president and constantly meet with clients for SGF. I thoroughly enjoy being someone that people on campus can turn to in times of financial need and learning from fellow coaches as to how to make the most out of each appointment.

Having a lot of face-to-face interaction with people I don’t exactly know this semester, I’ve gained the confidence I need to truly success in an ever-changing and always demanding business world. These skills are highly transferrable to client relations, leading meetings, and making good first impressions. The friends I’ve made through the business scholars program continue to be by my side everyday, and they push me to make the most of my college experience with the two short years we have left. I look forward to where the rest of my college journey will take me, and I’ll always be grateful for being a part of business scholars.



My favorite experience at Ohio State thus far has been when I was a participant in Ohio State’s 24-hour dance marathon, BuckeyeThon. BuckeyeThon is the largest student-run philanthropy in the state of Ohio, which raises funds and awareness for the Hematology/Oncology and BMT Department of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. I spent several months fundraising and collecting donations with my Business Scholars team. We raised $10,000 as a team and over $1.5 million as a university. It was an extremely humbling experience because I was able to speak with cancer patients as well as their families and learn how cancer has affected their lives. Although it was difficult to stand for the entirety of my 12 hour shift, it’s nothing like the struggle that kids with pediatric cancer experience day-in and day-out. I’m forever grateful to be have been able to be a part of this event at Ohio State, and I look forward to doing it for years to come.

About Me

My name is Logan Lavelle and I’m a first year student from Long Grove, IL, a suburb about 30 miles northwest of Chicago. In my free time I enjoy watching and playing sports and I’m a huge Cubs fan. I’m also into hiking, rock climbing, skiing, and just being outdoors. I’m pursuing a specialization in Finance and I’m in the Business Scholars program, as well as the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon. I serve on the Engagement Committee for the Business Scholars Program, and I’m the Director of Budget for Recruitment for SigEp. I’m interested in pursuing a career in financial advising/corporate finance, where I can build off my passion for helping other people. I have volunteered for Columbus Parks and Rec, and participated in BuckeyeThon, OSU’s 24-hour dance marathon to help stop pediatric cancer. I’ve played on several intramural teams at OSU to avoid the dreaded freshman fifteen, and I’m looking forward to attending many future sporting events, as well as making the most of my time here as a Buckeye.