Guixin Cao

Graduate Students
Shi Che
Emilio Codecido
Xueshi Gao
Yulu Liu
Dmitry Shcherbakov
Haidong Tian
Greyson Voigt
Jiawei Yang
Yuxin Zhang
Zheneng Zhang
Undergraduate Students
Henry Tenant
Ian Cordeiro
Kangyu Wang


Former Group Members

Feng Miao (currently professor at Nanjing University, China)

Gang Liu (currently at LAM Research)

Wenzhong Bao (currently professor at Fudan University, China)

Jairo Velasco Jr. (currently professor at University of California, Santa Cruz)

Hang Zhang (currently professor at Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Science)

Lei Jing (currently at Apple)

Zeng Zhao (currently at KLA-Tencor)

Yongjin Lee (currently postdoc in Ensslin group at ETH Zurich)

Jhao-Wun Huang (currently at HMI (Hermes Microvision))

Fengling Wang (currently at Applied Materials)

Nathaniel Gillgren (currently Data Science Fellow)

Kevin Myhro (currently at Raytheon)

Yanmeng Shi (currently postdoc in Novoselov group at University of Manchester)

Petr Stepanov (currently postdoc in Efetov group at ICFO, Spain)

Son Tran (currently at CrossBar)

Monica Lilly (currently at Northrup Grumman)

Philip Kratz (graduate student at Stanford University)

Sitara Wijeratne (graduate student at Rice University)

Thomas Lau (graduate student at UC Irvine)

David Tran

Ziqi Pi (graduate student at UCLA)

Timothy Espiritu

Mason Grey (graduate student at Boston College)

Ryan Koester (graduate student at Univ. Pittsburgh)