Lau Lab at OSU


Welcome to the Lau group, where we study quantum materials, phenomena and devices.

Jeanie (Chun Ning) Lau

B.A., Physics                             University of Chicago                                1994

M.S., Physics                            Harvard University                                      1997

Ph.D., Physics                          Harvard University                                      2001

Research Associate                Hewlett-Packard Laboratory                      2002-2004

Professor                                 University of California–Riverside             2004–2016

Professor                                 The Ohio State University                          2017 – present

Associate Editor                        2D Materials                                             2014 – 2015

Associate Editor                        Nano Letters                                             2015 – present


Honors and Awards

APS Fellow (2017)

Chancellor’s Award for Fostering Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement (2013)

PECASE (Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers) (2008)

NSF CAREER Award (2008)



2 thoughts on “Lau Lab at OSU

  1. Hello,

    I currently am a student at Sinclair Community College and I was interested in getting a degree in Condensed Matter Physics. I was interested in doing research in metamaterials specifically dealing with light interactions on surfaces either by absorption creating data transfer or reflection. I’m not entirely sure if your lab would be the best one for this kind of research, but it is the closest one that I could find based on the description of the lab.

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