Year in Review

Year 1: This year started off quietly. I had come to a school where I had to make completely new friends. I did this by getting involved in clubs and activities. I am a part of the Health Science Scholars and have gotten to know many people in it. I also joined the water polo team and made many friends in that. The classes my first semester went well. I was scared that I was going to fail every single one, so I spent countless hours studying to make sure that didn’t happen. The next semester, I decided to challenge myself and take 17 credit hours. This semester was a bit harder than the first. I had to spend most of my time learning equilibriums, Taylor series, and the physics of a pulley. This semester, I also questioned what I really wanted to do with my life after college. I was split between Medicine and Biomedical Engineering. As the year went on, I noticed that I was really enjoying my engineering class. So, at this point in time, I am going into biomedical engineering. However, my mind could change in the years to come.

Year 2: The summer before my sophomore year, I had decided to switch my major to Mechanical Engineering. It was a hard decision to make because I knew that it would be difficult to stay on a four year track when starting late. However, I really enjoyed the mechanical engineering side of biomedical engineering and wanted to focus more on that side. This year was harder than last year. I was taking more classes each semester than last year and they were quite a bit harder. I was stressed out much of each semester; however, I knew that everything would fall into place and be alright. Outside of academics, the water polo team made it to nationals and since I made it onto the A team, I was able to travel to Tuscon and play.


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Academic Enrichment:

Person Interviewed- Molly Cogan

Q1: What got you interested in Biomedical Engineering?

In high school I was on a combat robotics team for all four years. Each year we would build a 15 pound fighting robot from scratch. From creating CAD models to machining parts from the robot, I really fell in love with engineering and manufacturing. I am definitely a kinesthetic learner so it was great to participate in this really hands-on experience that first got me interested in just engineering. However, I also knew in the back of my mind that medicine was very appealing to me and a career path path that I had always been drawn to. I have particularly had an interest in Emergency Medicine because I love the idea of the unexpected walking into the ED every day and the adrenaline rush was very thrilling to me. Thus, going into college, I did not want to give up engineering for medicine or vice versa. I also knew that I did not want just a basic biology or chemistry degree because I wanted a strong major to fall back on if my plans after undergrad did not work out. So ultimately I decided to combine my two passions while keeping a strong back up plan and have been pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering.

Q2: What are your plans after undergraduate (Medical School, Graduate School, Industry)?

If you asked me this question back during freshman year, my answer would be 100% medical school all the way after I finish my undergrad. However, as of lately I’ve gone back and forth about what I want to do after college. As I’ve taken more advanced BME classes, working in the industry sounds a little more appealing to me, but I know I still want some patient care aspect, particularly in emergency medicine, so my dream plan might be some kind of part time engineer, part time paramedic/firefighter to get the best of both worlds but we’ll see. I’m definitely still going to apply for medical school and see what happens, but I’m just going to wait and see where this next year takes me.

Q3: What are some tips for staying ahead of work on classes?

My first bit of advice is to keep the procrastinating to a minimum. In more elegant words, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today”. Don’t push studying for a big exam or starting on a final project back. Tackle it in little pieces and it will all go much smoother, plus you’ll be a lot happier along the way. It’s a lot easier saying this than actually doing it, and I definitely wish I would stick with it more myself. Another way to stay on top of things is to keep to do lists and lots of them. Not only does writing everything down help you keep track of everything you need to get done, but crossing it off the list when you complete it feels great. The other advice I have is mainly to just not compare yourself academically to the other students in your classes. There are always going to be people working harder than you, and there will always be people working less than you, but don’t worry about them! Focus on your work and the time and effort you spend on things. Just do the best that you can and know and accept that you are doing your best because I promise you, you’ll be a lot let less stressed and can enjoy life a whole lot more when you’re not so overwhelmed with work and classes.

Q4: What organizations are you a part of that has enriched your medical experience?

The main thing that I have done to enrich my medical experience was becoming a certified EMT. The summer after my freshman year I took classes and passed my test later that fall so I could gain real clinical experience as an EMT. You can only do so much shadowing and volunteering to give you a taste of what being a doctor or being a health professional might be like, but if you actually become a certified health professional and actually get to talk to patients and take their vitals and treat them, you will learn so much more about what it is actually like to work in the medical field. With my EMT certification I work for an ambulance company back home in Cleveland and I also volunteer around Ohio State through the American Red Cross First Aid Services Team providing emergency medical care to patrons that attend big events such as OSU football games, hockey games, concerts at the Schott, the Columbus marathon, and so much more. So long story short, being an EMT and and volunteering with my EMT certification has given me the most rewarding patient care experiences and in doing so, has reassured me even more that whatever path I go down in the future, I want emergency medical care to be a part of it in some way.


Leadership Development:

My sophomore year is when I really started getting involved in leadership positions. The first positions were being a TA and Peer Mentor for Health Science Scholars. Theses positions made me better at communicating my thoughts to other people, which is very important in leadership. I also got involved in the organization Tau Beta Pi, which is a honors society for engineers in which members do service projects and participate in activities that develop leadership abilities. In Tau Beta Pi, I also am filling the position of Social Chair. I will plan events that are meant to connect members with each other and with members of other engineering clubs.

Service Engagement:

The first service event I participated in was the Day of Service event at the beginning of the first semester. At this event, I went to the Mid Ohio Workers Association to write letters to people of interested and donated to the association. For the blood donating sign up, I worked the table of a blood drive at Park-Stradley Dormitory. At the Garden of Hope, I pulled up weed barrier and old crops. At the Save a Childs Heart bowling event, I bowled to raise money for that organization. At Ohio Living Westminster Thurber, I served the elderly living there root beer floats. At the Wexner Medical Center, I volunteered as an ambassador every Monday morning of the second semester. I lead people to their destinations and made conversation on the way. For the MLK Day of Service, I went to COSCI and made engineering boxes for young school kids. For the Chimes Dodgeball tournament, I played dodgeball to raise money for the Chimes organization.


Sam Latshaw

4072 Corey Circle — Ann Arbor, MI – 48103



Seeking a health related internship for the summer of 2018


The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

B.S. Biomedical Engineering, Expected Graduation: May 2021

Pre-medical school

College GPA: 3.947


Hospital Ambassador (January 2018 – present) Wexner Medical Center, Columbus, OH

–        Lead people to their destinations in the hospital

–        Volunteer 2 hours a week

Dog Sitter (June 2016 – present) Dog Barn, Dexter, MI

–        Dog sit neighbors’ dogs in a local barn, feed and lead horses into pastures, clean horse stalls, drive dogs back to owners’ houses, and complete chores in the barn

–        Work 20 hours a week in the summer

Barista (June 2017 – August 2017) Coffee House Creamery, Ann Arbor, MI

–        Make coffee drinks, ice cream creations, sandwiches, and salads for customers, bake breakfast pastries and cookies, perform chores such as mopping, sweeping, cleaning dishes, and counting register

–        Work 5-7 hour shifts up to five times a week during summer


–        Knowledge in Excel, Mail, Paint, Word, MATLAB, Solidworks, and PowerPoint

–        Knowledge in CPR and First Aid

–        Great physical health


Health Science Scholars (August 2017 – present)

–        Member of the Health Science Scholars

–        Scholars program for pre-health students

Water Polo (August 2013 – present)

–        Played four years at Dexter High School

–        Currently playing at Ohio State

Boy Scouts (February 2010 – November 2016)

–        Achieved the rank of Eagle Scout at Troop 477 located in Dexter, MI

–        Leadership skills increased while in Boy Scouts

–        Planned and organized the building of a picnic area which contained self-designed tables and benches


Reference Name Affiliation Phone Number email
Mindy Kerr Dog Sitter Boss (734) 646-3866
Erica Orvis Coffee House Creamery Owner (734) 968-7937


About Me

Hello, my name is Sam Latshaw. I am from Ann Arbor Michigan and went to school at Dexter High School, right outside of Ann Arbor. I have a pet Bearded Dragon named Buddy. I consider myself pretty athletic, for I swam and played water polo in high school. I am going to continue to play water polo in college. I love the outdoors which is a reason why I joined Bot Scouts and became an Eagle Scout. I was also part of the Interact Club in high school, which is a community service based club. I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Biomedical Engineering. I really love math and science, but struggle with reading and English. Sports is a big part of my life. This was a reason why I chose The Ohio State University. I love watching OSU football, but had few people to watch and cheer with. I am very excited to watch Ohio State in the horseshoe. Go Bucks!