AESA, Charlottesville VA, November 2-6, 2005

  • Foucauldian Scientificity (pdf)

AERA 2005

  • Scientism and Scientificity in the Rage for Accountability: A Feminist Deconstruction (pdf)
  • The Foundations/Cultural Studies Nexus: An Emerging Movement in the Education Field (pdf)

AERA 2004

  • Ethics Now: White Woman Goes to Africa and Loses Her Voice (pdf)
  • Getting Lost: Feminist Efforts Toward a Double(d) Science (pdf)
  • Response to Peters and Burbules, Poststructuralism and Educational Research (pdf)

Articles 2004

  • Scientific research in education: a critical perspective (pdf)

AERA 2003

  • This IS Your Father’s Paradigm: Government Intrusion and the Case of Qualitative Research in Education (pdf)
  • Applied Derrida: (Mis)Reading the Work of Mourning in Educational Research (pdf)

AERA 2002

  • Critique Across Differences (pdf)

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