Skimm Extra Credit 11/30/16

Quote of the Day

“I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy” – John Adams


“A revolution is coming – a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough – but a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability” – Robert F. Kennedy


“You’re not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it” – Malcolm X


Jesuits in History

The Jesuit was initiated in the 15th century and has seen tremendous growth till now with order totaling over 17, 000 who are committed to education and human rights issues. The history of the Jesuits has it that, leaders since its inception have always had European descent. However, history was made in the foundation as it broke from the tradition of European leaders as Arturo Sosa Abascal from Venezuela has been elected leader of the Jesuits. This comes as a sign signaling the world that the Catholic Church has interest in looking elsewhere aside Europe for its leaders. Father Abascal has however enjoyed the achievement of leading the Jesuits in Venezuela in 1996 and offered assistance to the nation during difficult times in the country during the era of Hugo Chavez.



Brazil’s Eduardo Cunha in Corruption Enquiry

Eduardo Cunha, an expelled Brazilian legislator is in the grips of the Federal Police in Curitiba, the area of corruption investigation after his arrest in Brasilia. The reason for his arrest has been given as a long-standing federal corruption probe which he was involved in. What was reported as those factors that sparked up his arrest were flight risk; considering his dual citizenship and his resources that were deemed to have been hidden in other jurisdictions outside the country. Cunha’s personal asset is estimated to be over $70million. His freedom as a citizen of the state had to be curtailed judging from the fact that he was seen as a threat to public stability at the “operation car wash”, the base for the corruption enquiry. Eduardo has a history of leading the impeachment of the nation’s ex-president, Dilma Rouseff.



Ex-Argentine Leader in a Legal Battle

Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, a onetime Argentine president is the news for the wrong reason as she been pulled to the court on the account of corruption accusations. Jose Lopez, an ex-minister in Ms. Fernandez’s government was also not spared an arrest as he was charged with money laundering case. Her main charge was associated with money laundering by re-channeling public contracts for personal interest. She however denied these accusations in court by tendering in approved official documents to back her stands and accused the sitting president of carefully staging this plot just to sway attention from the country’s downturn which his government had caused. The late Mr. Nestor Kirchner was also drag into the mud citing him as a beneficiary of the illegality. She also mentioned ex-president Lula da Silva of Brazil’s case as similar to hers in pleading her case out. The aftermath of the court proceedings was marked with her supporters and police clash as she attempted mingling with them. Ms. Fernandez’s assets in July were frozen during the uprising of her currency dealings indictments.



Gangs vs Military

El Salvador like most South American Countries has been battling gang violence for years. There have been many lives lost due to these turf wars. Most of these gang leaders have fled the cities to the rural areas because of government crackdowns. President Salvador Sanchez and his Vice, Oscar Ortiz have therefore deployed a new military force armed with helicopters, armored cars, and assault weapons to target gang leaders and members in the rural areas. The government have made it very difficult for gang leaders behind bars to have any form of contact with the rest of the members of the country or perhaps influence or cause an impact in the country. They have limited visitation and movements or communication through enhanced modern technology have been denied. The government’s strategies have paid off since the gang leaders are left with no other choice than to negotiate with the government, however, the proposed negotiations have not been materialized.