Illiberal Democracy

Lesly Boateng

Professor Castillo

Political Science 4240

October 30, 2016

Holzner 2004


Clientelism appears to have its pros and cons in Mexico, however it doesn’t seem to be good for its democracy. It creates selfishness between its states. In order for states to have great power for its democracy patronage is very important. For example, decreasing independent organization in the civil society and effecting connection with resources creates corruption, because states view each aspect as competition. Democracy itself has no competition. Viewing everything as a competition makes it harder to have a democracy in Mexico.


The cons for clientelism is that it creates an increase in organization throughout Mexico. Increase in division bring more ideas for growth and others needs by government. Nevertheless, the division creates more diversity; however, diversity can be good but also a challenge because tradition becomes confusing. There is no way clientelism can succeed for a long period of time because when combining different points of view from each cultural they will automatically decline. There can never be an argument on states mechanism.


In order to change the future legislations must focus on the balance of powers that will help the democracy. Also, there should be a new plan for democratic institution to continue to grow instead of moving backwards. Citizen of organization should have a free say and control of what interests them when interfering with political affiliation. Each state should be treated equally important. Clientelism can succeed but it currently needs a lot of work.