Center for Urban & Regional Analysis


CURA Director Morton O’Kelly and Professor Brown (center)

Established in 1999, the Center for Urban & Regional Analysis (CURA) is an interdisciplinary group of scholars in social, natural, and environmental sciences; applied economics; agriculture; engineering; health and medical professions; and the humanities. The organization offers a wide range of support services for research that applies to urban and metropolitan areas, rural areas, and broader regional issues. Some of CURA’s services include GIS data processing, spatial analysis, and cartographic services. First as a faculty-member and subsequently as chair of the Geography Department, Professor Brown supported the creation of the Center and advocated for its close affiliation with the Department. This supportive relationship continued throughout


Professor Brown & CURA Director Morton O’Kelly (center)

Professor Brown’s tenure at the University. He also served as Interim Director of CURA while conducting a nationwide search for a new director. Brown worked diligently to oversee the status of CURA and the organization undoubtedly  owes its stature and stability to his early backing.

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