Water Experiments-Gummi candy&Sugar cane

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Material: Gummi Candy/ Sugar Cane/ Water/Water/ Watercolor Paper

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Material: Gummi Candy/ Sugar Cane/ Water

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LOCATION: In front of the home/ 245 W Norwich Ave, Columbus Oh 43201

Material: Gummi Candy/ Sugar Cane

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Two small bears in columbus.

Once upn a time, there are two bears.  Sam and Sara.

One day, it was home game day.

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Sam: hi how are you doing?

Sara: Fine! Thank you. And you?

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Sara: Good.

Sam: What day is today?

Sara: Saterday.

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Sam: What are you doing?

Sara: I dont’ know.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW42

Sam: What are they doing?

Sara: I dont’ know.

Sam: Why they are drinking?

Sara: I don’t know.

Sam: Why they are screaming?

Sara: I don’t know.

Sam: Are they crazy?

Sara: I don’t know.


Sam: Hey! Do you know what is football game?

Sara: I dont’know.

Sam: Do you know other words insread of “I don’ know”?

Sara: S-o-r-r-y..I do not know.

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Sam: Hey! How about let’s go swimming?

Sara: humm……I dont’ know.

Sam: Come on…

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Sam: It’s really cool! Come on!

Sara: I don’t know how…

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Sara walking around and watching Sam swimming.

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Sara sit on the sugar cane bench and enjoy the whiff.

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After a while, Sam start to melt, snd say : Sara, come to help me.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW48

Sara: Oh-m-y-g-o-d! What’s happen to you?

Sam: I don’t know.

Sara: How I can help you?

Sam: I don’t know!

Sara: Are you gonna die?

Sam: I don’t know…Please do something…

Sara: Okey…

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW49

Sara walking away to get other bear to help.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW50

Sam still melting.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW51

There is a fly lie on the Sam.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW52

Mr fly: You smell so good.

Sam: You smell so bad.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW53

Mr fly: Your friends won’t save you.

Sam: They will.

Mr. Fly: You melting too fast. I am eatting so fast.

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Finally, Sara comes back.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW55

Sara: Sam….. Where are you?

No one answers.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW56

Sara: Oh-my-god.

Sara starts to crying.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW57

It’s  too late, Sam is already gone.

Sara: Sam…I told you it is a dangerous place to swim.

I will miss you in my mind forever.

Everything will be fine.




Cotton: Boll + Swatch

The video for my Experiment # 1 process can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqUPBz4p0i4&list=UUEPHQTjWRTTQwq2EF9iG79w.  Feel free to leave additional comments or suggestions so that I can improve my representational techniques and graphic layouts.

Robert Morris, 1969, Steam Cloud, photo edited by Katherine Bennett

Robert Morris, 1969, Steam Cloud, photo edited by Katherine Bennett



Assignment. Individually investigate phases and properties of water in relation to two selected materials, one human-fabricated, the other not, e.g. sand and glass, wood and paper, plant resin and epoxy, skin and leather.