Wild Rice, White Rice, and Rice Paper

The project was to study how water interacts with materials through processes such as, solidification, liquefaction, condensation, vaporization, and evaporation. It was important to use materials that were related to each other. One had to be in raw form and the other had to be a human-fabricated material processed from the raw material. I used three materials, the reason for this was because Rice paper is made from white rice, and the rawest form of purchasable rice in it’s rawest form is wild rice.

The process followed in my experimentation was designed to have a continuous flow from vaporization to evaporation. This allowed careful analysis of material changes. The experimentation proved that the differences in materials reacted differently with water in all the processes. White did not have many extreme effects until the evaporation phase. Wild rice showed material transformations in the vaporization phase, by the hull opening and creating different rice formations. Rice paper showed instant material changes from the moment it was removed from the packaging, proving that water had dramatic effects on it.

To see the process see the link below.

MATERIAL STUDY_Wild Rice_White Rice_Rice Paper

Check out these videos to see vaporization, solidification, and evaporation processes. The videos show water reacting with wild rice, white rice, and rice paper.