Water Experiments-Gummi candy&Sugar cane

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Material: Gummi Candy/ Sugar Cane/ Water/Water/ Watercolor Paper

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Material: Gummi Candy/ Sugar Cane/ Water

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LOCATION: In front of the home/ 245 W Norwich Ave, Columbus Oh 43201

Material: Gummi Candy/ Sugar Cane

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Two small bears in columbus.

Once upn a time, there are two bears.  Sam and Sara.

One day, it was home game day.

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Sam: hi how are you doing?

Sara: Fine! Thank you. And you?

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Sara: Good.

Sam: What day is today?

Sara: Saterday.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW41

Sam: What are you doing?

Sara: I dont’ know.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW42

Sam: What are they doing?

Sara: I dont’ know.

Sam: Why they are drinking?

Sara: I don’t know.

Sam: Why they are screaming?

Sara: I don’t know.

Sam: Are they crazy?

Sara: I don’t know.


Sam: Hey! Do you know what is football game?

Sara: I dont’know.

Sam: Do you know other words insread of “I don’ know”?

Sara: S-o-r-r-y..I do not know.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW43

Sam: Hey! How about let’s go swimming?

Sara: humm……I dont’ know.

Sam: Come on…

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW44

Sam: It’s really cool! Come on!

Sara: I don’t know how…

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW45

Sara walking around and watching Sam swimming.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW46

Sara sit on the sugar cane bench and enjoy the whiff.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW47

After a while, Sam start to melt, snd say : Sara, come to help me.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW48

Sara: Oh-m-y-g-o-d! What’s happen to you?

Sam: I don’t know.

Sara: How I can help you?

Sam: I don’t know!

Sara: Are you gonna die?

Sam: I don’t know…Please do something…

Sara: Okey…

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW49

Sara walking away to get other bear to help.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW50

Sam still melting.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW51

There is a fly lie on the Sam.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW52

Mr fly: You smell so good.

Sam: You smell so bad.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW53

Mr fly: Your friends won’t save you.

Sam: They will.

Mr. Fly: You melting too fast. I am eatting so fast.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW54

Finally, Sara comes back.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW55

Sara: Sam….. Where are you?

No one answers.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW56

Sara: Oh-my-god.

Sara starts to crying.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW57

It’s  too late, Sam is already gone.

Sara: Sam…I told you it is a dangerous place to swim.

I will miss you in my mind forever.

Everything will be fine.




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