Water Experiments-Gummi candy&Sugar cane

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Material: Gummi Candy/ Sugar Cane/ Water/Water/ Watercolor Paper

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Material: Gummi Candy/ Sugar Cane/ Water

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LOCATION: In front of the home/ 245 W Norwich Ave, Columbus Oh 43201

Material: Gummi Candy/ Sugar Cane

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Two small bears in columbus.

Once upn a time, there are two bears.  Sam and Sara.

One day, it was home game day.

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Sam: hi how are you doing?

Sara: Fine! Thank you. And you?

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Sara: Good.

Sam: What day is today?

Sara: Saterday.

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Sam: What are you doing?

Sara: I dont’ know.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW42

Sam: What are they doing?

Sara: I dont’ know.

Sam: Why they are drinking?

Sara: I don’t know.

Sam: Why they are screaming?

Sara: I don’t know.

Sam: Are they crazy?

Sara: I don’t know.


Sam: Hey! Do you know what is football game?

Sara: I dont’know.

Sam: Do you know other words insread of “I don’ know”?

Sara: S-o-r-r-y..I do not know.

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Sam: Hey! How about let’s go swimming?

Sara: humm……I dont’ know.

Sam: Come on…

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Sam: It’s really cool! Come on!

Sara: I don’t know how…

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Sara walking around and watching Sam swimming.

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Sara sit on the sugar cane bench and enjoy the whiff.

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After a while, Sam start to melt, snd say : Sara, come to help me.

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Sara: Oh-m-y-g-o-d! What’s happen to you?

Sam: I don’t know.

Sara: How I can help you?

Sam: I don’t know!

Sara: Are you gonna die?

Sam: I don’t know…Please do something…

Sara: Okey…

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW49

Sara walking away to get other bear to help.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW50

Sam still melting.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW51

There is a fly lie on the Sam.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW52

Mr fly: You smell so good.

Sam: You smell so bad.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW53

Mr fly: Your friends won’t save you.

Sam: They will.

Mr. Fly: You melting too fast. I am eatting so fast.

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Finally, Sara comes back.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW55

Sara: Sam….. Where are you?

No one answers.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW56

Sara: Oh-my-god.

Sara starts to crying.

4960_AU14_Project1Water Exploration-blog2_TianW57

It’s  too late, Sam is already gone.

Sara: Sam…I told you it is a dangerous place to swim.

I will miss you in my mind forever.

Everything will be fine.







































Milk and Cheese


To View Project One Experiments Follow the link Below:



All Test completed on:

Mild RSBT Free Cheddar purchased at Lucky’s Market located on High Street in Columbus, Ohio

Hartzler Family Dairy Whole Pasteurized Non-homogenized Milk from Wooster,Ohio Purchased at Lucky’s Market on High Street in Columbus, Ohio

Filtered Columbus City Water

Solidification Test Notes:

Water start temperature 33 degrees and 10.5 cm in height from bottom of glass

10min noticeable freezing around rim of milk+water glass and not cheese+water glass

20min noticeable frozen film on top of both glasses

40min Frozen top layer on both glasses

60min frozen top layer and sides of glass but still liquid in the middle of glasses

110min milk appears to be solid, but cheese has 1/2 inch of ice on all sides but still liquid in the middle

150min Cheese+water becomes mostly solid

Liquefaction Test Notes:

Room Temperature: 73 Degrees

With Lighting Equipment: 79.9 Degrees

Milk+Water started out at 14cm from bottom of glass and ended at 9cm above bottom of glass in a 10% milk solution

Cheese+Water started out at 15cm above bottom of glass and ended at 9cm above bottom of glass with water surrounding the cheese

Milk started out at 1.5cm above bottom of glass and ended at 1 cm above bottom of glass

Cheese started out at 3cm above bottom of glass and ended at 3cm above bottom of glass

Condensation Test Notes:

Materials started from 35degree temp and water was heated to just below boiling at 206 degrees

There is little visual change in the materials during the test, but upon further inspection the cheese is noticeably softer and moister to the touch and has begun to conform to the supporting rack at the bottom. Milk has gain volume and has condensed water that drip back into pan.

Vaporization Test Notes:


7:00min Moisture drips from cheese

9:00min Visible Melting occurs

11:00min melted drip begins to form

11:30min Melted drip reaches water surface

17:30min Cheese detaches from first ring of supporting rack

22:00min Majority of cheese hanging below rack

25:00min Entire Kitchen smells like melted cheddar

27:30min All of cheese melts into water

30:00min Test ends


3:00min water starts to boil

6:00min water enters a rolling boil

19:00min Milk begins to oscillate in dish

27:00min Milk begins to form a skin

32:00min a second version of the skin forms

35:00min milk appears to be boiling

60:00min end test after recording various milk skins



MDF and White Pine Videos

Videos can be found with the following links:














Wild Rice, White Rice, and Rice Paper

The project was to study how water interacts with materials through processes such as, solidification, liquefaction, condensation, vaporization, and evaporation. It was important to use materials that were related to each other. One had to be in raw form and the other had to be a human-fabricated material processed from the raw material. I used three materials, the reason for this was because Rice paper is made from white rice, and the rawest form of purchasable rice in it’s rawest form is wild rice.

The process followed in my experimentation was designed to have a continuous flow from vaporization to evaporation. This allowed careful analysis of material changes. The experimentation proved that the differences in materials reacted differently with water in all the processes. White did not have many extreme effects until the evaporation phase. Wild rice showed material transformations in the vaporization phase, by the hull opening and creating different rice formations. Rice paper showed instant material changes from the moment it was removed from the packaging, proving that water had dramatic effects on it.

To see the process see the link below.

MATERIAL STUDY_Wild Rice_White Rice_Rice Paper

Check out these videos to see vaporization, solidification, and evaporation processes. The videos show water reacting with wild rice, white rice, and rice paper.