Artifact 2

Last May-June, I went on my high school’s three week senior trip to Israel. This trip with my classmates was the most meaningful and important trip I have ever taken. While it was special and fun to be able to travel with my closest friends, it was also extremely educational and helped shape me as a person. While on this trip, we visited places around Israel of all different cultures and religions. While I went to a Jewish high school, we visited not only Jewish areas, but also Christian, Muslim, Druze, Bahai, and Bedouin sites.

There, we learned about everything about these cultures from history, to practices and even food within the culture. It was a really eye opening experience to learn about so many religions and culture, especially those that I hadn’t learned about or even heard of before. This experience took me out of my small bubble that I had all throughout school, being surrounded be people who shared the same religion and culture as I did. This experience allowed me to appreciate our differences with other people in the world and taught me to to keep an open mind when learning and meeting people who may do things differently than I do.

I also believe that this was an extremely important experience to have before going off to a big school like Ohio State. Like I previously stated, I was kept in a small bubble most of my life, and did not know much about other cultures. However, after this trip, I felt prepared to go out of my bubble and learn about even more people’s religions and cultures that I would meet at Ohio State.

Year in Review

This year was very different than I expected it to be. Initially I was extremely nervous because I did not know anyone and did not know what to expect in college. Looking back, I realize now that I had nothing to be worried about. Over the last (shortened) year, I have made amazing friends, had unbelievable experiences, and learned so many new things. Overall, it makes me really grateful to be able to go to Ohio State. Since coming to Ohio State in August I feel more confident, experienced, and ready to go out into the world. Ohio State has not just taught me as a student but also as person through great experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Since this year ended quicker than I had expected, it has made me even more grateful for the time I have at OSU; now I know what people mean when they say it goes really fast. I have learned to enjoy my time and not waste a single second of it as I continue to volunteer, work, hang out with friends, and any other things I will do in my next three years.



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This past month, I had an art project in my beginners drawing class where we had to recreate an artist’s drawing and we’re graded on how close our drawing is to the original artist’s. At first, I didn’t expect it to be that difficult because I have copied drawings before. However, as I was working on it more and more, it wasn’t turning out the way I would have liked. The lines weren’t looking the same, the shading was off and just everything about it looked wrong. I have always been a perfectionist my whole life, so I knew that I was not going to turn in this drawing until it looked right, until it looked perfect.

However, as I was about to turn in my project and I was finally happy with it, my professor came around and told me that everything I had done was wrong. This was really difficult for me to hear. I had been working on this project for almost three weeks and as far as I could tell, it looked perfect. My professor continued by saying that the reason that it was all wrong was because my picture that I was supposed to be copying was meant to be the opposite of perfect. The artist, Maurice Sendak, had purposely drawn his drawing with broken lines and messy sketches and shading. My professor then sat down at my drawing with a dark pencil and proceeded to break up all of my lines that I had worked so hard to make perfect. He added scribbles and random lines all around. It was really difficult to watch. It got even worse when he then made me sit down and continue adding random dark broken and uneven lines all over my picture.

While in the end, my picture looked much better overall, “messing up” my picture with these random and dark lines all over the place were very hard to draw. The perfectionist inside of me was screaming as I drew lines coming and going in all different directions. However, I think that working on this project helped me understand that not every project or assignment that I work on throughout college is going to be perfect. In fact, most of my projects and assignments may turn out to be completely wrong. Maybe even this one. The point is that while I’m working in classes and on different assignments, I need to not hang onto this idea of being perfect. While I can work my hardest and try my best on my assignments, I can’t hold myself to a certain standard that in the back of my head I know I’ll never reach. In the end, whether it’s perfect or not, as long as it is my hard work, I’m sure to be happy with it.


About Me

Hi I’m Lyndsay Lapidus and I am a member of the Mount Leadership Society at The Ohio State University 🙂 I am from Long Island and I graduated from a small high school with a class of 39. In high school I loved volunteering at the local food shelters around my schools and also planning fundraisers to raise money for kids in developing countries. I also played volleyball and softball in school. Outside of school, I love to travel and have been to places such as Israel, Ireland, Scotland, and England. I also love watching baseball and hockey, playing volleyball, and drawing.

At Ohio State, I am planning on majoring in communications. I am hoping to eventually work for a major professional sports league, mainly the NHL or MLB. While at Ohio State, I also hope to join many cubs and participate in exciting activities. I’m super excited to meet new people and try new things throughout my four years at Ohio State!