• Global Awareness: While at Ohio State, I have already journeyed abroad to Cape Town, South Africa where I participated in microplastics research on beaches. The joy of seeing another country was wonderful and seeing the lives of other cultures was an education as I have never had before. Cape Town in particular was an eye-opening experience as the economic inequality was so stark and clear. I have learned much from this global experience and desire to venture further out in the world. I have a distinct interest in studying abroad in Australia to study the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Original Inquiry: In my two years at Ohio State, I have worked in two different research labs. I first worked in an Ecological Engineering Lab studying the effectiveness of different types of rain gardens in slowing stormwater flow, bettering stormwater quality and the ecological benefits of rain gardens. I assisted in the research by obtaining stormwater samples from ISCOs after rain events, cleaning equipment and by setting up bird recording equipment. This research experience gave me my first glimpse in to the world of research. I started to understand how a research project is formed, and I began to think of what kind of research I may enjoy. I have since joined the OSU Aquatic Ecology Lab, as a pursuit of working with research even closer to my field of oceanography. In the Aquatic Ecology Lab, I have assisted with the analysis of chlorophyll samples from Lake Erie. I hope that I may be able to start my own research project about aquatic environments in the near future.
  • Academic Enrichment: One of the ways I have sought a unique and purpose-built academic experience with Ohio State is through the use of the Personalized Study Program (PSP) through the College  of Arts and Sciences. The PSP allowed me to work with professors in my field of interest to develop a curriculum around oceanography using existing Ohio State classes. This program bolstered my science education through being able to pair a PSP Major of Oceanographic & Marine Sciences with an existing major of Earth System Sciences. These majors in tandem have allowed me to explore deeper into my interests of ocean sciences and to give me greater scope in my education of Earth Sciences.
  • Leadership Development: I joined Green Engineering Scholars in my first year at Ohio State and it has taught me much about leadership as I have continued the program into my second year. Despite no longer being an engineering student, I continued to be part of the Green Engineering Scholars as I felt the program consistently provided me with programming pertaining to honing leadership skills as well as developing an engineering mindset to help me better my problem solving in all facets of my life. Additionally, in the summer of 2019, I worked as a camp counselor at the Scouts BSA Florida National High Adventure Sea Base. In working as a camp counselor, I lead young people through new and life-changing adventures. Learning to work alongside, teach and lead scouts was an important experience for me in learning and developing my own leadership.
  • Service Engagement: In my first year, through Engineers for a Sustainable World, I have helped serve and educate the local elementary students through an environmentally focused mentorship program with the Columbus Metro School. Since, I have continued to support and volunteer with the Ohio State Student Farm, where I assist in the growing of food using sustainable practices. The Student Farm not only works to teach people about the importance and beauty of growing food through hands-on experience, but also works to emphasize justice in food. The Student Farm donates food to local food banks in the Columbus area to help ensure food for all people, regardless of background. It is with great pride I donate my time to assist with the vision of the Student Farm.

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