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I am Corbin Lanker, a student at the Ohio State University studying Earth System Sciences and Oceanographic & Marine Sciences. I am pursuing this degree because I am a proponent for the well-being of our environment and Earth. I believe that there is so much more to be understood about Earth, especially regarding the oceans. As such, I aspire to study the oceans in the future, to better understand all the wonders the seas provide us. In combination with my desire to understand our environment, I am also passionate about teaching people about the importance of our natural world and the importance of conservation. To that end, I have worked at the Scouts BSA Florida Sea Base where I was able to guide scouts out on adventures to explore the oceans as well as teaching them about human impacts on marine ecosystems.

My fascination with the natural world extends to terrestrial life as well, as I am a part of the OSU Student Farm. Through the Student Farm, I have had the pleasure of learning about growing food and the issues that come along with it. With the Student Farm, I have been able to attend workshops where I have learned about the social injustices that accompany food and its growth. Through this education, I have become far more acquainted and interested in social causes. I have learned about the problems facing many migrant workers and Hispanic communities that grow much of the food that sustains us. In this learning, I am working to become more of an advocate every day. Advcacy and science are integral parts of moving our society forward and I pursue both of these ends.


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