Society for Research in Child Development statement on treatment of children at US-Mexico Border

From President Kenneth Dodge and Executive Director Laura Namy:

“Separation of children from families at the U.S.-Mexico border continues, and the welfare of children is being compromised.  The trauma of separation can have lasting effects.  The scientific evidence is clear that separation of children from their families, particularly under circumstances such as those occurring today at the U.S.-Mexico border, is harmful to children’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We urge that families be allowed to remain together.”

See scientific details of negative impacts of this policy here.

Melissa and Amy at SRCLD

Congratulations Amy and Melissa on your SRCLD posters!


Always a thought-provoking time to see old friends in a beautiful place.

Alisa Baron and the BESA

It was great to have Prof. Alisa Baron back with us in Columbus!

Lots of great information about a new assessment (the Bilingual English-Spanish Assessment) that can be used with bilingual populations in Central Ohio and a pleasure to see our ever increasing group of bilingual speech-language pathologists!

¡Enhorabuena, Ramón!

Congratulations, Ramón on your new job at Facebook, as a Latin American Spanish semanticist, with a specialization in experimental design.









We are so proud of you!!!

We wish you and Naisha the very best of luck in the Pacific Northwest. Come back and tell us all about Seattle, when you’re in the neighborhood!!

Giving it our “some”

Laurie Maynell and Matt Galla – we are all giving it our some, in the study of children’s existential quantifiers!


Congratulations Santy on your new Kichwa-English dictionary!

Santy has co-authored, with Jordan Lachler, Sean Burke, Conor Snoek, Michele García-Vega, Megan Bontogon and Evan Lloyd, this newly published bilingual dictionary through Universidad de San Francisco de Quito Press, entitled “Kichwa-English Shimiyuk Kamu Dictionary”.