Congratulations on your MA, Pedro!

Great job, Pedro, on defending your MA project “Language, Cognition and Probabilistic Constraints on Subject Pronoun Expression in Child Spanish”!


Melissa’s NSF Dissertation Grant to Study Number and Semantics

Go Melissa!!

Congratulations on your great accomplishment!

“The use of numerical knowledge is ubiquitous in natural language and is perhaps nowhere more obvious than in the use of quantificational words like some, all, none and the numeral quantifiers, five, seven, ten, etc. This project studies what Spanish-speaking children know about the exact interpretation of numeral quantifiers and the role that non-linguistic cognitive abilities, including numerical abilities, play in these interpretations.”

Congratulations Sadler on your MA!

Congratulations Sadler Kirk on successfully defending his MA project “Anxiety, Lexicon, and Morphosyntax in Instructed Second Language Spanish”.

Great job!