Scholars Zoo Trip- Behind the Scenes

On October 7th, a group from the Biological Science’s scholars group visited the Columbus Zoo. During this trip, we had the chance to go behind the scenes in the Manatee exhibit. With being a Biology major and having hopes to work with animals one day, this gave me a real-life view into what my work one day could consist of. Not only did it give me insight to the job, but helped confirm what I wanted to do as a career after getting my Biology degree. I hope to be able to find an internship with similar jobs as the ones I am interested in. Overall, the zoo trip was a great and fun experience, and it was nice to feel like a kid again!

Service Engagement

In Cincinnati, there is an animal shelter called Stray Animal Adoption Program (SAAP). This volunteer based shelter helps rescue dogs and other various animals from abusive situations, kill shelters, and takes in dropped off animals and any strays. They match each animal, mostly dogs, to a foster family to take care of them while they try to find their “furever” home. Some dogs get adopted quickly, while others have been living with their foster parents for years. Although seeing so many dogs in the shelter can be heartbreaking, seeing these animals find new and loving families to take care of them overshadows these unhappy feelings with joy. The adoption process is a big step in most animal shelters like SAAP, where they need as much help as they can get. I became involved with SAAP the summer going into my Junior Year of high school, and assist with taking care of the dogs during adoption events and help families find a dog that suits them. Helping animals find a caring family to take care of them after going through so much pain in their life has always been a major ambition of mine. As many know, my love for animals is never-ending and I am always willing to give a helping hand for programs like SAAP.

Art In Root

In my Senior Year at Seton High School, I entered an art competition called Art In Root. This art competition combined art with nature, as students from different high schools through the city incorporated different nature aspects into their art. For me, I have always found beauty in sunsets, which is the part of nature I incorporated into my artwork. Nature has always been a love of mine, which led me to my career path of Biology. I placed third for my Photoshop artwork, which then got showed in the Sharron Woods Park art exhibit. This piece is called “Seeking the Horizon”.

About Me

Hi! My name is Margaret Lange and I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. In Cincinnati, I attended Seton High School where I was involved in several clubs and in National Honors Society and National Art Honors Society. In 2018, I am starting my college career at The Ohio State University. Because of my love for animals, I am majoring in Biology and hope to be able to work with animals in the future. I am a responsible, well-organized student and always work my hardest to achieve my goals. I’m looking forward to what this school year brings and I love being a Buckeye!

First Semester in Review

Woo! An end to the first semester of college. College has definitely been different than high school, which has been a big transition to make. College students have more responsibility with tasks such as turning in assignments on time, studying more, and even being able to live with up to three roommates in one dorm. My classes this semester consisted of Spanish, Chemistry, Archaeology, and two survey classes (one for scholars and one for Arts & Science). Chemistry has been a little bit of a struggle, as I haven’t had Chemistry class since sophomore year of High School. It has taught me new study habits, brought me closer to some of my classmates, and has changed the way I think about the subject. With the new study habits found from taking Chemistry, I can apply them to my other classes and improve my studying for other exams and quizzes. Overall, this semester has been a good transition into college and I can’t wait to see how next semester goes!

Why did I choose to be a Biological Sciences Scholar?

Biological Sciences has always been a major interest in my life. From wanting to take care of all kinds of animals, to delving deeper into what makes up an organism, to simple wilderness hikes, I have always had a passion for biology. When I was accepted into the Scholars program at The Ohio State University, I had many options that I could choose from. As soon as I saw that Biological Sciences was one of the scholars programs, I immediately ranked it as my top choice as it had always been a major part of my life. Not only do I feel passionately about biology and all it entails, but I feel that a biology career suits the type of person I am. I am genuinely interested in the subject, I have enough drive and focus to complete what I want to with my degree, and I manage my time and organize tasks well. I feel that to be in Biology, one needs enough passion and focus to accomplish your own goals, which are the character traits that I have.