Final Project & Reflection

Final Project Overview

For my final project, I decided to research herbicide resistance in the three countries I have been to: U.S., Brazil, and Nicaragua. The reason I decided to investigate this specific topic is because 1.) I had heard about this issue in several of my classes and 2.) I wanted to learn more about this issue from a global perspective. In my biology class, I learned a lot about the basic fundamentals of evolution in weeds, which is the mechanism that allows resistance to occur. I also learned in Brazil that they typically harvest two crops in the time that the U.S. harvests one crop. Before conducting research on this topic, I predicted that this would cause Brazil to develop more herbicide resistant weed species than the U.S. However, through my research, I learned why this actually isn’t the case. I also learned more about how herbicide resistance affects developing countries, like Nicaragua, compared to developed countries like the U.S.

Final Project Presentation: 

Final Project Reflection

Overall, this was a challenging topic for me because I have very basic biological and agronomic knowledge. I had to spend a lot of time looking up definitions of different processes and the common names for several weed species. Conducting research on countries that have different primary languages was also a challenge. In the end I learned a lot about this topic, and now have a better understanding of agriculture and the environment in the U.S., Brazil, and Nicaragua.