About Me


About Me

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Landis and I am a Junior studying Agriscience Education. I grew up in Anna, Ohio where I was an active 4-H and FFA member. My interest in these organizations led me to discover my passion for learning and teaching about agriculture. Serving as the president of Agricultural Education Society and working for the Digital Ag Team at Ohio State are just a couple ways I have been able to further explore my interest in agricultural education. Whether in a classroom educating high school students or in an industry setting informing farmers about new research, I hope to serve and educate others about agriculture in my career someday.

Why I decided to pursue Global Option

I decided to pursue Global Option because of the opportunity it would provide me to better communicate my international experiences to others. After returning from both my study abroad trips, many family members and friends would ask me how my trip was. I typically would reply with something like, “Oh it was great! I learned a lot and got to see so much!” Study abroad trips are so chalked full of great experiences that it can be difficult to share with others what you have learned. I am pursuing Global Option to so that I can better communicate my international experiences with others.

My Goal for Global Options

My goal for Global Option is to discover how I can utilize my international experiences and global knowledge in a career someday to help others develop a global mindset.