Year in Review

If there is one thing I have to say about my freshman year of college it is that nothing went the way that I had planned. Do not be so quick to judge, however, because this is actually for the better. Originally, I simply expected college to be wake up, go to class, eat, study, sleep, repeat. All day everyday for the entire year, thankfully, however, I was wrong. My first year here at Ohio State is most certainly one that I will always remember. I met so many amazing people, did so many amazing things, and was presented with so many opportunities that I know that I would have not been presented with at other Universities. By getting involved with organizations like Nurhopsi, I was able to volunteer for a plentiful amount of service events that really made me feel like I had made a difference. Additionally, here at Ohio State I was hired as an RA for the following year, and although we have only begun to dip our toes into training I can already sense that this position is going to help me grow as a leader and a friend to those who need me to be. Overall, college is never what you expect it to be. You can study as much as you want, take practice standardized exams, anything. Yet, it will never be enough to really give you insight on what that next, life changing year is going to be like.



Through Ohio State, I have had multiple opportunities to broaden my global perspective through my courses. On the topic of my course work, this semester I recently completed two courses that focused on different cultures. The first course was Russian 3470. In my past, I had a pretty good idea of different Middle Eastern cultures, as this was the region my parents immigrated from, and I was raised by. Additionally, from high school I had learned about French culture as well as American and a little bit of general European, but nothing about Russian society and culture specifically. Through this course I was able to increase my knowledge about a culture that I had little to know knowledge about previously, thus increasing my global perspective! The other class that also helped my perspective was Quests in World Literature (COMPSTD 3606). In this course we either read or watched stories about quests in different cultures, these including Greek, Spanish, American, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and Jewish. By studying these stories we were able to gain an insight into each culture as well as analyze how the different cultures shaped each story’s dynamic, characters, and plots. Overall, through my courses Ohio State has helped me to expand my global perspective and appreciate the world more!



Recently, I interviewed my peer mentor, Kylie Scott who is a junior double majoring in Biology and Spanish on a pre-opt path. I on the other hand, am a Computer Science and Engineering major who wants to pursue medicine, so I asked her an ample of questions to gain insight into the path towards her goal. I mainly asked her if there was anything she had wished that she had done differently at Ohio State so far, or if she had wished that she knew something that she did not know before that she wishes she knew now, or if she felt like she was able to get all her pre-optometry requirements in while also balancing studies, organizations, and her friends. She told me that she loved OSU because of how large it is an how many opportunities it presents. She also said she wished she had not worried so much over little things because once she came to Ohio State she felt as though everything worked itself out for her and she began to find volunteering, research, and networking opportunities. Additionally, she felt that socially she always had something to do, even things that related to her major or pre-professional track. Either way, she was very helpful when it came to answering my questions thoroughly and with care.


This year, I was to take on a leadership position unlike any other I had ever had before. This year, I was a Resident Adviser (RA)! Being an RA calls for quite a bit of responsibility as well as the ability to solve problems on the spot. Nonetheless, my RA role taught me leadership through being a role model for my residents, collaborating with other staff members, being a knowledgeable resource, and organizing events that promoted wellness throughout my building. Being an RA contributed towards helping me become a leader by learning how to communicate well with others take initiative, and work as a team. Whenever discrepancies or miscommunications occurred, in order to have the building run smoothly, these had to be solved almost immediately. Not only this, but being an RA has assisted me in my future career path by requiring me to work with a team. This was very important for me because, without a doubt, I anticipate my future occupation to also require me to work with a team. Overall, being an RA taught me to be a better leader and I appreciated everything that I learned so much that I have chosen to be an RA again next year!


Over the course of this year, OSU has provided me with so many great opportunities to give back to my local community. After the course of this year I was able to complete about 20 hours of service through volunteering at the Garden of Hope, blood-drives, Clean Up Columbus, volunteering at the Toledo Hospital, and many Nurhopsi events. I feel as though volunteering at Garden of Hope was one of my most favorite service projects because it is an opportunity unlike any other. Gardening is a large hobby of mine and thus being able to put my efforts and love for the hobby towards a good cause like cancer survivors regain their health, then I am more than willing to help out whenever. After volunteering all these hours, I feel as though I have a new found appreciation for all that the local community does to sustain and better itself and I most certainly want to become a larger part of that movement.


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About Me

Who am I?

Well that depends on who’s asking.

To some,

I am an artist, a soccer player, the girl with the really good playlists, a student, an athlete, a workaholic, and ambitious.

To others,

I am a daughter, a younger sister, an older sister, a cousin, a niece, a granddaughter, and a friend.

To myself,

well, I’m still trying to figure that out. All I know is that I love being outside. Stick me in the sun with some good music and a cup of coffee and my mood instantly improves. I love traveling, animals (especially foxes), plants, and a whole bunch of other things too. I love movies (Moana especially), TV shows (Mr. Robot, Riverdale, Sense8, Game of Thrones, Hannibal, Master of None, the list goes on…), writing, drawing, and painting too.

My current plans are to major in neuroscience and travel down a pre-med track so that I can get into med-school and inshallah become a cardiologist. I want to double major, or at least minor, not quite sure in what exactly though. Hopefully i’ll figure that out sooner than later.

Anyways, I’m very excited to get my life going in the path that I want it to.

Here’s to whatever the future holds.

May it be exhilarating,