Time: every other Thursday 4pm-5pm
Location: Dreese Lab 480

Schedule for Spring 2020

Date     Presenter Topic
01/16 Ekim Yurtsever Holistic Risk Perception for Automated Driving using Spatiotemporal Networks
02/04 Yang Zhong Discourse Level Factors for Sentence Deletion in Text Simplification
02/27 Ziyu Yao Learning a Semantic Parser from User Interaction
03/12 (Spring Break)

Schedule for Fall 2019

Date     Presenter Topic
08/28 Mounica Maddela Multi-task Pairwise Neural Ranking for Hashtag Segmentation
09/11 Denis Newman-Griffis Indexing Mobility Information in Clinical Records with a Neural Relevance Tagger
09/25 Fan Bai Structured Minimally Supervised Learning for Neural Relation Extraction
10/23 John Wieting CANCELED
10/28 (Mon) Marie-Catherine de Marneffe Do you know that there’s still a chance? Identifying speaker commitment for natural language understanding
11/06 Wei-Lun Chao Pseudo-LiDAR for Image-based 3D Object Detection in Autonomous Driving
11/20 Mikhail Belkin It’s time to think again

Schedules for previous years are archived here.