Hittle House Internship

This year I have started an internship at Hittle House, which is a therapeutic residential facility in Columbus that housing male juvenile offenders. I found out about Hittle House through the department of Psychology. The staff at Hittle House have been extremely supportive of me and are giving me the opportunity to the experience the kind of work I hope to do in the future. Many of the staff have Masters in Social Work, a degree that I am interested in pursuing and they have giving me insight on the benefits and future careers I could take part in with this degree. I am very interested in working with at risk youth as my professional career and starting with this internship will help me solidify if that is the kind of work I want to do.

At the moment, I am redesigning the current resident biographies to make them more informative and concise in order to allow staff to quickly get a sense of what the resident needs and their background. As I am not 21 yet I cannot work directly with the residents so this assignment allows me to understand more about their backgrounds and the current system of therapy and treatment they are going through. It also allows me to see the paper work and bureaucratic aspect of Social Work.

Year in Review

Global Awareness – Here at Ohio State, we live daily with a rich and diverse community of students, faculty and staff. I feel, that especially as an honor student, it is my responsibility to take advantage of this community and open myself up to conversations and experiences that will enhance my understanding of different cultures and global communities. Just this spring, I attended the Chinese Spring Festival held at the Ohio Union and learned so much about a holiday I had previously known nothing about, even though it is celebrated by a vast amount of my fellow students and people around the world. I plan to continue learning and discovering about new cultures through my work at the Ohio State Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing. Through my enrollment of the English 3467s course, I have learned how to interact and read the writings of people who may come from many different backgrounds and who may be writing about many different experiences that I have not had. Through our class discussions about writing in other cultures, breaking language barriers, and mindfulness I have learned so much about the experiences of ESL writers and international students and I look forward to learning more.

Original Inquiry – Through taking my first honors course last semester, Psych 3331H Abnormal Psychology, I learned what is expected of us honors students here at OSU. At the end of this course with Dr. Strunk, my classmates and I were expected to produces our own original research paper, discussing some topic within the realm of abnormal psychology. This assignment pushed me to go through may different studies done about my topic, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and look at all the quantitative data that was collected as well as the questions that the researches posed and still need answers for. It was enlightening to see all the different designs and approaches researchers took to discover more about the pathology, genetics and course of the disorder. It was also encouraging to read about all the research that is either being conducted or needs to be conducted in order to understand more fully about a disorder that affects so many people. From that course I learned that while we have many answers, we don’t have them all which paves the way for future researchers to learn and contribute to their field. This semester I have also started to work in the Cognitive Development lab, running REPs for several different studies. Working in this lab has allowed me to have hands on experience with research and make connections with people who will be able to help me develop my own research question and study in the future.

Academic Enrichment – The honors contract has allowed me to fully plan and look at my future academic career and what is expected of me for the next two years of my undergraduate experience. The courses I plan on taking will fulfill my desire to learn more about my field of study, Psychology, from all different aspects of the field and while pushing me to make connections and work harder with the people in my major through the smaller and more rigorous honors courses. I also look forward to broadening my knowledge through the different GE courses I will take, like Women’s Gender and Sexuality studies and Philosophy. I believe that while seemingly different, these courses will help develop my ways of thinking that will help to influence my perspective in my major and minor courses, as well as my perspective in life in general. I believe that each course we take leaves an imprint on us for the future and therefore I am excited to take a variety of enrichening and challenging courses in these following semesters.

Leadership Development – While attending such a large university, it could be easy to feel overwhelmed and fall through the cracks if you let this happen. I think that with each course I take and with each club I join here at OSU, I am expanding my leadership skills as I am opening myself up to new experiences and relationships. Every time I engage with my professors, whether in class or in office hours, I feel like I am leading myself into a new relationship that will be beneficial for me as a student, but also as a person, as now I have someone with a lot of knowledge and personal experience I can turn to when needed. I think that outside of the classroom I am a leader in the groups I have joined such as the Theater Arts Group (TAG), Omega Gamma Fraternity, and Peers Reaching Out (PROs). While it is hard to juggle many different groups with my academic responsibilities I think that all of these activities provide the opportunity for me to be a leader. In TAG we go to CNIS, a local high-school, and help the kids put on a play and develop their acting and improvisational skills, as the school itself does not have a performing arts program. We are leaders for these kids because we fight for their right to express themselves artistically. We show them that if you have a passion and skills for something you should share it with other people, even if you yourself  have struggles going on in your life. We also provide them with a safe space to share and release pent up anxieties, frustrations, or worries. It truly is a great feeling to see the kids going up on stage, letting go, and just having fun. As for Omega Gamma and PROs, we make it our mission to make sure that the OSU community has the resources and important information about mental health, so that no one has to struggle alone. We hold different events, such as mental health trivia nights and a 2k race to get the word out there about mental health and make sure that everyone in the OSU community has the knowledge that there are people out there that care and can help them with any emotional/mental struggles they may be facing.

Service Engagement – I also do service through my fraternity, Omega Gamma. Along with supporting the local suicide hotline through fundraisers and mental health trivia nights, we also take part in Clean-Up Columbus days, in which we go out and pick up litter and trash around campus and the city of Columbus. It is easy to not think about our waste once it is out of our sight but it is important to clean up our community, not just for aesthetic reasons, but for the good of our world overall. We can turn off the TV or the Facebook videos that show just how badly polluted our oceans and lands are and just go about our day but it doesn’t change the fact that we only have one Earth and so far we have not done a great job of taking care of it. Especially at a time when environmental protection is at risk, we must take it upon ourselves to make the little differences that we can in order to protect our planet. When I return home for the summer, I will continue to do the service I started in high-school. Ever since 10th grade I have volunteered at ARISE at the Farm, an organization that helps people of all abilities and mental capacities to ride horses and experience occupational therapy with animals. I truly love the farm and the work I do there and plan on volunteering there for as long as I can. It is important in service to realize that even if you don’t make a huge, global difference or if you can only do your part for a couple months over the summer, you do make a difference for the little while that you were there and put your passion and care into it. It is when we give up, thinking that our part doesn’t really matter, that no differences are made and we get stuck at square one.


Global Awareness – I believe that at time in which much of the world feels separated from and slighted by people who are different from them, it is extremely important to be aware of what we can do to be more open and understanding of those that differ from us. I can’t think of a better place to do this than right here on Ohio State’s campus. Here I have access to so many different people from all parts of the world, from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, etc. I plan to take advantage of this fact by being active in the community around me by joining the many clubs available in hopes that they will widen my perspective of the world. Also by joining in on conversations with people who may have different opinions from me, so that even if my mind doesn’t change, my way of looking at the subject and other people is. I also hope to take advantage of the many different study abroad opportunities available for me as a way to gain first hand experiences and new perspectives of the world as well as be a good representative of my school and country. There is no better experience than first hand experience, and in traveling and studying abroad I will be able to put my words into action. Learning the same subject but in a different place and from a different perspective can only enrich one’s understanding of that subject. I hope to gain global awareness through these planned ways but I am sure that I will pick it up in unexpected ways as well while here at Ohio State.


Original Inquiry – At a place like Ohio State, it is important to realize that one must go out actively looking and searching for the many opportunities available to you. I have already started to do this by reaching out to people in my field of study asking to help in their research labs and projects. While I’ve faced rejection, I have also put my foot in the door for more opportunities in the future. Also, in talking with professors, I have found ways to make new connections and relationships that will hopefully lead to opportunities in the future. This may be through helping with research within the field of psychology or by writing and refining my own original pieces of creative writing to share with my community. Perhaps one day they could even be acted out or read aloud. In doing these things I take an active role in both of my interests, Psychology and English. I have already written a one act play that focuses on aspects of personal struggle with mental health to have it be acted out or even read would be an amazing experience I hope to achieve while here.


Academic Enrichment – I firmly believe that if you are doing something you love you will automatically put in the work and time it takes to do well and learn as much as you can. That is why I have chosen to study Psychology and English. I realized that while I was doing the same amount of work and spending the same amount of time on these subjects as I was in more STEM related fields, it didn’t feel like that much time or effort. This is because I genuinely enjoy the literature and topics and want to know more. No matter how hard you work at something, the person who works just as hard as you but also has a passion for whatever they are doing is the person who will be the best at it. I realize to be a well-rounded person you can not just study what interests you but also what pushes you to think differently. That is why I am grateful for the GE requirements because they push a student out of their comfort zone in order to make them explore. While it you can find GEs that aren’t as difficult as the core classes, adding the Honors standard to them ensures that we are receiving the best classes and education we can get. We therefore become the best students we can be. It may be more work but it is well worth it in the end.


Leadership Development – At first, all the clubs and opportunities available to me here at OSU were a little overwhelming. There was so much I wanted to do and what felt like so little time. But what I have realized is that there is lots of time to try new things and find your place here. One of the student organizations I am involved in that I think encourages leadership development the most is the Theater Arts Group or TAG for short. In TAG we go to a local high school and elementary school to work with students on skills that are important in the theater, as well as life. I am involved with the high school group, and seeing how the students behave when we are there and hearing their stories about their lives and weeks at school gives us insight into how important this program is for them. When we go to the high school, we aren’t just teachers or college students, but trustworthy friends who want to inspire and care for a love of arts and personal expression in these students who may not get it elsewhere. TAG is still a pretty small organization and with many of the senior members graduating soon there will be openings for leaders to step up to ensure that this program continues on and our relationships to the school and the students last.

Service Engagement – TAG could be seen as a service engagement but I also would like to do more in the Columbus community. I think one of the best things we do in TAG is show the students how great of a place OSU is and encourage them to continue their education after high school. And while I love working with the kids and people I would also like to get involved in one of the many student organizations that volunteer at shelters or take care of animals. I think that, especially within a big city, animal shelters struggle with the amount of animals they have to take in and the amount of resources we need. If I could contribute to relieving this struggle it would not only be beneficial to the people and animals involved with the shelter but to me also. Animals are proven to be a great way to maintain good mental health and stress relief, which is obviously beneficial. I think that you should have a symbiotic relationship with the service you are doing because that way you are putting in your very best and doing all that you can in order to better other’s lives and the community. I have also learned of my love of working with the disabled through volunteer work with ARISE at the Farm, an organization back home in New York that allows people of all abilities to ride horses. I would like to continue working with disabled people here in Columbus and am actively looking for a way I could do so. I have also signed on with my RA to go to the homeless teen center she works at to volunteer during this Christmas season when they are most overwhelmed with requests and donations. 


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This video that my group and I created about the Younkin Success Center stands out to me from all my other assignments this year because it not only allowed me to get to know people in my class who also live near me, but we were able to create this video not having any other experience of videography before. That is what is important at OSU. In your classes you will be pushed to think differently, work differently, and experience your environment differently in order to connect you to your community and to teach you important lessons about work ethic and life. You may not always know how to do something but that doesn’t mean you can’t try and make something to the best of your ability.


Hittle House Internship

This year I have started an internship at Hittle House, which is a therapeutic residential facility in Columbus that housing male juvenile offenders. I found out about Hittle House through the department of Psychology. The staff at Hittle House have been extremely supportive of me and are giving me the opportunity to the experience the kind of work I hope to do in the future. Many of the staff have Masters in Social Work, a degree that I am interested in pursuing and they have giving me insight on the benefits and future careers I could take part in with this degree. I am very interested in working with at risk youth as my professional career and starting with this internship will help me solidify if that is the kind of work I want to do

About Me

Currently, I am a Junior in my second year here at Ohio State. Originally I am from Syracuse NY, but everyday Ohio is feeling more and more like home. After spending freshman year at a very small, liberal arts school, I can say that so far my experience at OSU has been very different in the very best ways. My teachers are very smart and supportive while pushing me to do my best, the campus and the people are lovely, and I finally feel like I am learning important things about my field of study, Psychology,  but also myself. As an Honors student is the College of Arts and Sciences here at OSU not only have I been able to challenge myself and my thinking in the classroom but through real-life opportunities such as research assisting and internships. With this ePortfolio I intend to keep a record of how my internship and classes sway my decision for my future career goals.