Year in Review

This first semester of college had its ups and downs but looking back on it, I learned so much about myself that I will use to continue my growth in the future. I grew in my faith and became connected to resources on campus to help me with this growth. I became involved in student organizations that helped this growth, and helped me to build friendships that will last a lifetime. I also realized the value of friendship after being away from family for so long. I had to make all new friends, and I am very happy with the people I have met. My academics went better than what I expected in my first semester, and I will continue to improve on them. Overall I was very pleased with my first semester at Ohio State, and I look forward to many more.


This summer I worked an internship with a geotechnical drilling firm. Here I helped better the environment by drilling for soil samples, analyzing them, and coming up with solutions to better improve soil quality. Along with improving soil for crop growth, I was also able to analyze soil to ensure buildings would be structurally sounds from natural disasters. I knew nothing about this process or how important it truly is before working this summer, but now I know how important it is to know what is below you before you start to grow crops or build skyscrapers.


So far in my college career I have developed better communication skills as well as problem solving skills. This will help me as I continue forward in my career because communication is key when talking to clients. I also expect to run into problems when I am working which then need to be solved. The courses I am taking now are preparing me for this as I am expected to use my knowledge gain from class to solve problems that I have not seen before.


I have worked for an engineering firm where I would perform lab work as well as help write up final reports. Doing so many unique things for a company allowed me to see how a company is ran as well as gain hands on experience.



In high school I was a part of our marching band. This had me constantly practicing. Over the summer I would spend over 40 hours a week outside practicing. This time and effort did pay off. We won State my junior year and were ranking as the top band in the nation. We won every competition we went to, and had fun. I am very proud of these years of my life and the accomplishments I gained in this period, and will remember them forever.



During my second semester at Ohio State, I have been volunteering at a soup kitchen called Community Kitchen. Volunteering has always been an important aspect of my life and I am glad I have been able to continue this as I go through college. Volunteering helps me to take a step back and realize I am lucky to be in the position I am in. It always helps me to go back to reality and understand how blessed I am. I look forward to continue volunteering throughout my career at Ohio State and long into the distant future as long as I have time to give.

About Me

Hi. I’m Austin Kuyon. I am a first year majoring in mechanical engineering. I am interested in mechanical engineering because machines are the future. I also grew up loving cars and want to work in the automobile field.  I want to leave an impact on those around me by helping in anyway I can, and serving in my community. I am very passionate about helping those in need around me. As a Mount scholar I will be given access to resources that enable me to help those in need and leave a lasting impact.