About Me

I am Rahul Kumar, from Dublin, Ohio. I am currently a freshman at OSU and live in Barrett House with the BioSci scholar living learning community. I enjoy trying new things and long walks on the beach. My major is BioMedical Science and I am currently on a pre-medical track. I have essentially lived my entire life in Ohio. I played the violin in the Columbus Symphony Youth Orchestra, am a nationally ranked Rubik’s Cuber, and am a published scientist.

I chose the biological sciences scholars program because I have an interest in biology and pre-med. I know that the opportunities I take advantage of because I am a part of scholars will allow me to grow as a student and future doctor.

Year in Review


At the beginning of the year I was someone who was easily distracted and had a lot of “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO). This means that I was never able to do my work because I always agreed to hang out with friends because I didn’t want to miss out. Currently, I am a lot more focused on my schoolwork and am able to make my self “invisible” and focus only on my work. I also have been shaped by the extracurricular experiences and involvements I have had so far. For example, I have joined an competitive traditional Indian dance team. This experience has taught me that my time is not expendable and that I have to use it wisely since I have other commitments. I also volunteer at the Noor Clinic. This experience exposes me to doctors and medical students at OSU. By doing this volunteering opportunity, my interest in medicine has only grown.




Global Awareness is being aware of other cultures and societies. I am a part of an indian dance team called OSU Raas. By being a part of this team, I am learning more about indian culture and making other indian friends.
Original Inquiry is being an engaged student and understanding that a good education also requires out of the class room experiences. I am shadowing doctors at a free clinic and also do research in a neuroscience lab. These experiences can help me with my classes and achieving my goals by providing me with connections.
Academic Enrichment is finding learning experiences outside of the classroom that help you inside of the classroom. I attend office hours of professors which helps me understand my class content better.
Leadership Development is showing a capacity of lead a group of people. I am a leader on my flag football team as I help organize practice sessions for the team.
Service Engagement is becoming involved in the community to help people who need help. By shadowing at a free clinic and helping doctors with small tasks, I help patients receive better care as there is a very high demand for doctors at the clinic.


Rahul Kumar’s Resume 11.8.17-wrs88k

I researched in a lab at Nationwide Children’s Hospital under Dr. Vidu Garg. From that experience I learned many basic laboratory skills. For example, I learned how to pipet and record data. I also was able to learn how to use a proper laboratory microscope and take images. From those images I also made 3-D models of structures we were interested in.


My academic and career interests revolve around my interest in medicine. As a result, the object that I associate most closely with my career goal is one that doctors would use. A stethoscope is a prime example of that.

In high school, my interest in medicine snowballed. The dissections my biology teacher guided us through excited me. While most of my classmates were disgusted during our squid dissection, I was amazed that the creature in my hand once propelled itself like a jet through the ocean in search of food.

My interest in biology spawned curiosity about a future career in medicine. To understand the workday of a doctor, I shadowed doctors at La Clinica Latina, a free health clinic geared towards providing medical assistance to underprivileged Latinos. Over the year that I have spent at the clinic, I have been a fly-on-the-wall during some remarkable patient-doctor conversations.

The Heart Walk was an event I did with bio-sci scholars was a lot of fun and helped me strengthen and create new friendships. The heart walk is a 3 mile walk to combat heart disease and stroke and was set up by the american heart association. To participate in the walk, money had to be raised.