Through the semester, I’ve learned a lot about my major, potential careers that I would want to pursue, and how to manage my health and stress. From the Health and Wellness assignment, I learned to think positively, stay active, and make sure I eat at least two meals a day to help prevent stress. With exams and an overwhelming amount of homework, it is really easy to get stressed out but I learned to make sure I get plenty of sleep and to relax when I feel anxious. The Finding your Focus Assignment made me realize I should keep my doors open and not stay too set on a certain career since the results said I should look into criminology, sociology, being a teacher, or being an administrator of some sort and for a long time I really wanted to go into criminology or forensics. In the Vision for Life assignment, I got to explore the career and life of an optometrist and pediatrician to see if it suited me. Also, during the Health Sciences Pre-Professional Fair, I also got to talk to the Dentistry, Medical, Pharmacy and Optometry School about the pre-prerequisites required and what they look for in students applying. All of these modules and assignments better prepared me for my future because I have gained a better understanding of what careers a Biology major can pursue and what it takes to become an optometrist or pediatrician. They also exposed me to different resources to help me throughout college like research and volunteering, to staying healthy and where I can go for help if I need it. These assignments made me more comfortable and confident with college and what I want to do with my life.