Year in Review

Over the past year, I think I’ve definitely grown as a person. I’ve learned to be more independent and reach out to the ones around me. I’ve noticed that I am more social, confident, and caring towards myself and others. Coming into college, I perceived it to be such a fun time with friends, but I also knew school was going to be tough. Even though this year was filled with many great experiences and friendships like I expected, this first year was rough adjusting to the amount of work college requires. Not only was the work demanding, the amount of material covered in such a short time was overwhelming at times. Sometimes, I felt like no matter how much effort and time I put into a certain class, I would still not get the grade on an exam that I wanted to. However, over the year I saw myself developing better study techniques that work better for me and worked on balancing a healthy lifestyle. Near the end of the year, I realized I was constantly stressed and worried so I decided to dedicate some part of everyday to just doing something that I liked. This has actually helped me do better in school and be more productive when I study.HSS has helped me create friends and support system that can guide my through college and help me achieve my goals. Without HSS, I would not have had much guidance on what medical schools expect from undergraduates and how to adjust to college. The friendships and the community environment has also helped with making Ohio State feel like home. Next year, I hope to grow even more as a person and participate more in service, doing research, and shadowing. I plan on getting more involved in HSS and maintaining and creating new friendships with other HSS members.

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