dis·tin·guished (adj.): marked by eminence, distinction, or excellence

Wednesday afternoon, a group of ODEE-ers and friends crashed the Senior Leadership Meeting. We were joined by Michele Bondurant, Diana Lantz, and Jack Miner – among other colleagues – representing Ohio State’s Distinguished Staff Award committee. (Kudos to the Office of Human Resources, giving the moment a Publishers Clearing House feel to it. Way better than a “congrats, you won” email.)

Liv photo

We packed 40ish Buckeyes into the coziness of 175 Mount Hall to congratulate Liv Gjestvang, Director of Learning Technology, on her honor of being selected as one of Ohio State’s twelve recipients for this award. Even Liv’s partner, Julie, and their son, Karsten (both shown in the foreground of the picture above), were able to join for this memorable occasion.

The website for Ohio State’s 2014 Distinguished Staff Award notes the following selection criteria:

• Enhancing the quality of work-life in ways that make a significant difference for colleagues or customers.
• Providing outstanding and ongoing excellence in services to faculty, staff, students and/or other customers.
• Developing creative solutions to problems that result in significantly more effective and efficient department or university operations.

I couldn’t say it any better, so I won’t even try. We at the Office of Distance Education and eLearning are fortunate to have Liv as a leader and colleague.

This post has nothing to do with brownie points. In fact, I think those stopped being passed out in the 3rd grade. This is about giving credit where credit is due. Thank you to Ohio State’s Office of Human Resources, colleagues who headed up Liv’s nomination (special shout-out to Steve Lieb who orchestrated ODEE’s side of the application process), and those at Ohio State who make our job both gratifying and fun. Congrats, Liv, on your ‘all-around awesome’ award!

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