Kaisa Is An Artist

I’m driven by my passion for design, nature, and animals. My art tends to carry my own emotions and past experiences from my childhood in Estonia and my adulthood in the US. The themes are wall to wall, often mischievous and funny when focused on nature, or dark and sympathetic when taking on more serious subjects along the lines of mental health, trauma, self-observation, etc. 

My main goal is to get my foot in the door within the western art world. I enjoy explorations in interactive installations and sculpture, as the skills I gain provide rewarding experiences for myself as well as the audience. I love to make people look twice, raise smiles and create scenes that shift the mundane to the epic and almost childlike wonder of the world. I focus on a clean finish and symmetry of forms, the devil is in the details they say. I attribute this fixation to my eye and appreciation for Northern-European design. I hope to one day join street artists with life-sized sculptures and whimsy pieces aimed at the human experience that feature moments of healing and trauma, or socio-political movements aimed at changing the mindset of the collective consciousness.

My mission is to provide humanity with just a tiny peek into an utopian world that counterbalances the very grey and often way too serious adult world that children have to enter younger & younger each day.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy exploring my art,