“Rome was a poem pressed into the service as a city” – Anatole Broyard 

To me, this quote describes the experience of Rome in such a simple, eloquent way. The many layers of visual history of Rome can at first glance seem overwhelming to interpret, especially with the bustle of modern-day urban activities. It is only after you spend time in streets and in the fields, sketching, asking questions and researching, that you start to realize the poetry and the intention of design in the city .

As far as funding for the trip, there are many opportunities for grants and scholarships to help fund your experience. These opportunities are posted on the Council of Graduate Students website under ‘Funding’. I would recommend applying as early as possible once you know you’re interested.

The Global Gateway Grant is great for independent research. This would be ideal for students that are interested in conducting independent research outside of the Rome program. The Global Gateway Grant would be able to financially help those students looking to extend their study abroad experience.  I highly recommend making the most of your proximity to other countries during the program. Once you are in Europe, travel is cheap and convenient.

My favorite part about the Rome trip is the looking back on the work that we were are able to produce in the field. In just a few weeks we were able to produce a wide variety of sketches and final drawings, most of them becoming my favorite pieces in my portfolio. We examined the city in a way that opened up opportunities for each student to bring their individual interests to their projects. When we had the chance to share our work with other students, you could see just how diverse and individualized each project could become.